31122012 Xmas Day!

aww.. i bet everyone is counting downing for 2013 now ! 
slower plz slower plz.
i wanna blog all craps post ehh...(i know it is slightly impossible lol)

my countdown day is quite...busy !!
the only word i can think about.

but still wanna blog about the previous  XMAS celebration ! which i ate lotsa again!
seems like all the KGs i lost all back to me grr!!
now you know GIRLS, xmas week is not a suitable week to ON DIET!!
caution! this post got many food photos !

Thanks babe ash asked me to go the party with her but horh....you caused me fatter hahah!
nvm i still love you haha!!

must in Xmas right right right?

see how sumptuous is this!!
how can i resist ! and why i should able to resist?!
*drooling* hahaha!
 the special made sauce. idk what this called lol..
somehow this is not my taste sorry.
 pretty baked bread ! so garden vintage feel . got anot got anot?! hahaha!
wow this one i must THUMBS UP! (Y)
smoked salmon spinach pie !
taste soooooo nice !!  FANTASTIC !
and the crust is in danish texture!! super duper hyper tasty ! ♥.♥

sumptuous ingredient ! so tasty !
then aww!!
the high tea set rack! so luxurious feel lol lol lol !
the tart is tasty too =) and it is limited supplied one ! hahaha!

and the lowest level one. OREO cheese ...not cupcake idk what it called.
after this ... only a cup of this, u will feel VERY guilty.
aww. one more KG~ hahaha !
while elders are busy preparing...we two started selca hahaha!
i love this pic ! aww so cute nehh!!

so innocent look alike haha!!
*she is going to slap me.* teehee!
okay larh...this one more normal!
photo telling : MERRY XMAS !
never arrange nicely then ....snap snap snap !
by yours truly.

i cant wait to eat so ...never arrange nicely haha!
leaf lettuce
*thanks babe yingjie help me find out what this vegetable called haha*

this is so fresh so tasty eat together with turkey ! aww ! delicious ! yum yum.
strawberries and cherries !
the best cherries i have ever taste so far.
so sweet omg ! not like those i had like ...medicine taste one eww..! this one is more like blackcurrant .

the pretty jelly =D
it looks so .... CUTE !
and tasty also haha!!
love the feel everyone gather together , chit chatting together.
make sense.haha!
hehe ...crazy ashley get crazy again...scroll down u will see more !
hahahaha! we are forever sendiri syok one. so match huh us.

even the plate is snow man...
so match with the setting =)
accompany with xmas song.
----last xmas , i gave you my heart....------
vain pic.
over expose. grr

then...champagne is must !~
not so in the mood of alcohol ..but still took a shot as respect yeapy.
just after a lil additional of alcohol...
we both gone crazy bullied by the bunch of children in house hahaha!
non stop chasing until i tough i am going to suffocate lol

then we took crazy pic .haha!!

acting cool and chio hahaha!
candies !! ♥

not big fan of sweet but still, a lil dose of sweet in life is fantastic =)

then the babe ashley continue ..! hahaha! 
superb woman telling !
hey yo i dont wanna hear what you said .
because i am the one as cute as flower.
i am so friendly all kids love me .

and i am so CHIO !
***these quotes created by yours truly..***
give you the face u wanna punch ...hahahah!!

decorating time..
the Xmas tree is so pretty no joke. really so nice !!
even with presents hide at the bottom one ! haha!!
you know..
the present time most happy one hahahaha!!
love the twinkle feel captured by my ms pinkue.
the crystal transparent angel
so pretty...
happy girl with her presents !
merry christmas babe ashley  ❣♡♡♡
blurred out. i am sorry...

cute aunty emily with babe ashley!
and group pic of the women!
thanks ash's mama ! aunty emily and aunty tracy!

being together with them i learnt alot . and ...at least i am happy to be with them =D
they even prepared my present aww so touch...
how and why i do deserve their love and presents ...

thanks for all the presents in Xmas ..
THANK YOU everyone treated me so nice in this 2012 !

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