20130520 LANEIGE !!

there was someone told me this
"dont think that fair skin do really means the girl has great skin.you have touch the skin and feel it . IF got ANY sebum, clogging, dark spots ...etc.if dun have any one of them, then she HAS nice skin."
i was like

holy jesus how to make this happen .
guys are really so PANDAI to make complain about girl's skin condition !
sebums, acne, dark spots...etc
(u better ask TAUHU FA as ur GF ! nahhhh~~)

yea, so after i heard this,
I AM TRYING HARD to take care of my skin ...

recent fav product- OLAY pro-x advance cleansing system.
 this is not available in malaysia and i bought this from EBAY.
clarisonic is too expensive for me so i bought this.
it just cost $21.97 exclude international payment charge by credit card.
gonna make a review for this because just mad love with it

i has been using KONJAC for half a year before i met my new love ^ olay pro-x

there here is another round of skincare product hauling to kick of my 2013!

petitee hydro gel eyemask.
starting use their eye mask since 2010 . this is their best selling product and i actually bought 6jar of them from last trip.
until now, i still buying this from qoo10 

apply the hydro gel eyemask before i putting on heavy eyes area concealer,then all those 'smiling wrinkle"
will ALL-GONE !!

when it comes to KOREA skin care brand, i will definitely will not leave this brand out.

 their best seller product --Water Sleeping Pack 
this is a superb amazing product.
(won COSMO award !!)
it has been hotselling since 2010!
3 years! 
i still remember that my last trip to korea, my travel mate and i was so busying looking for this product at
MyongDong,Lotte mall and Duty free shop
because ...there are so many ppl telling me this is the best for moisturizing sleeping mask.
and most of those places SOLD OUT !
*girls fact : once the thing we want is sold out,it will increase our desire to get it* 
and yaya...so after this i am buying this product from qoo10 also haha! 

the main dealer of LANEIGE
(and so do etude house,kose ..etc)

buy here*they are having promotion rm99.90 for 2!*
normally it cost rm199.60 !!

beside skin care,
there is a make up base did attracted my attention.

BB soothing cushion.
New-concept Cushion BB for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup Effects

yea, malaysia is so god damn hot RECENTLY (approximate 37')
sweat prove is really DAEBAK!
to get rid of those oily face which probably able to cause reflection when driving.

and their 'Cushion' is specially designed one !
  Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup.
*sounds so amazing*

why i love about it ?
1) light, easy to bring out and place in my small make up pouch
2) it feels cooling after putting on!
3) absorbing sweat


bye, i am going to shop for more LANEIGE product now !
(buy more in once can save shipping fees ehh weih! )

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  1. the mask is made by snail mucus right?
    i got saw it before,
    macam so geli... @.@

    1. haha! yea..i was so surprise by its ingredient before but somehow end up i realized it really works !! nice product.especially sasa's cheap and nice

  2. my fren got bought some...
    but the snail mucus looks like so disgusting,
    n i cant stop for imagine it... =__=

    i got used the nato mask before,
    but my skin macam become more dry after use it... >O<

    1. but the snail one inside is transparent gel form de worhh~~not disgusting at all ahaha!

      nato mask?? apatu?

    2. hehe,
      纳豆成份的面膜呀~~ ^^

    3. owhh..i though that ingredient very nice for tighten skin ??

  3. Love the last picture!!! =]

    1. hehe ! thanks to the natural light=)

  4. Nice blog post! You are really pretty. I link you from nuffnang's blog. You're really chio..

    Also, I'm conducting a giveaway so make sure to check it out! Awesome fashion item and shoutout to win!Thanks!

    Giveaway @Alisonous✿

    1. thank you but i think i am craving for more prettiness in myself lol ><
      it sounds exciting for the giveaway! going to join now and hopefully i will be that lucky to get one ! the skater skirt is love <3 !!