12052013 I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

I am the unstoppable explorer.
Instead, unstoppable explorer in LIFE!

i am 19
i love fashion
i am a girl
i love shopping
i am about 1.5m(height)
i love blogging
i am not a pretty girl
i love photoshop-ing
i am a windows explorer
i love outting
i am a food eater
i love challenges
i am a gadget noobie
i love study
i am a unicorn obsession
 i love photography
i am a lazy person
i love sleeping
i am libra

i cant get enough what i a had experienced. i WAN MORE!!

explorer characteristic ?
uhm....  like a shark or like a tiger! lol fierce and ...kind inside *shy*
hahaha !!

beside some jungle trekking challenges, flying fox etc..
i had been really obsess to explore the UNDERWATER recently =)
been KLCC  aquarium 

langkawi's aquarium (which i havent post it after quite a few months ! )
langkawi's aquarium is the best in malaysia so far !! (i mean pen.malaysia)

so do visited latest open aquarium in kl tower recently !
love to explore over the fishes in the sea,they are adorable !

been singapore's world lagest undersea aquarium
S.E.A aquarium 

What were the challenges  I faced in my most recent adventure?
the most recent challenging adventure recently probably will be recent life in UNI. just as what everybody had passed through, the UNI life.
it is a really drastic change in compare with my previous high school life.new environment, i love it and trying to get more fun from it ! * probably fun from assigmentsss aiks* 
and ya ! getting know with ma new friend!!~~

so do getting over the fearness of doing presentation grrr!!

my essential gadget in my adventure??
my phone = )

as google 24hours. (to avoid i am giving wrong info in my presentation)
as my live dictionary (wordweb is my best offline dictionary. overcome my weak eng ! )
as my GPS (i am 19 and i am newbie driver. yay thanks gps! )
as my camera ( the lighest camera for me ever! )
as my S.O.S tool to contact my parents ! (especially i am lost or involved in accident )
as my social life essential (nowadays, no one can escape from watsapp, twitter, fb, instagram and wechat !)
as my blog updater ! (haha ! this is must! updated via phone )
as my soundcloud updater (ye i love singing also lol)
as my shopping cart (i love buying groupon, taobao, qoo10, gmarket, ebay,zalora ! )
as my TV ( runningman delighted my life ! ever !! pps best yay! )

with  Astro-On-The-Go,
i eventually now can watch my fav tv programme on my phone now!!
yea, is NAO !!

thanks to 《女人我最大》
i get to know the info how to take care of my current holy skin.
so i bought this

olay deep cleansing system.
hope those sebum on my skin can go away !! hwaiting !!

so tell me, how to life without astro ?! hahahaha!!
sign up with Astro-On-The-Go today! 

more info ??
click here 

as low as  RM25/month (for current Astro subscribers) or RM30/month (for Non-Astro subscribers) 
why not ?

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  1. Didn't have the time to watch astro for so long lol!!! =]

    1. hahaha! should watch a lil bit honey!~~ if not really will bore to hell lol

    2. Hahahaha, I won't be bored, I always have a lot of things to do!!! =]

  2. Tahniah dapt jumpa anda kat sana memang best and seronok sgt event ni kan...

    1. hahaha!! ya ya ! but too bad i didnt won anything but still fun though! :)