In the Midst Preparing for the Room Tour!

Yo ! YES, I am in the midst preparing for my room tour video!!
Just in case if you don't know what's going on...

Ever since I first started making videos, and taking one of the wall in my room as background,
 I have been requested to do a room tour for so long!
**This is the wall **

 I was skeptical to make a room tour at first as it is my privacy...
Plus, I am sharing the room with my sister so I have to get her permission too !
Plus, my room is not big la!一眼看完 LOL
 (yup, my room is probably smaller than your bath room lol) 

I have changed my mind lately after discussing with my sister whether I could post this on my youtube channel, and she seems okay with it!

"You have been putting effort to decorate the room, what's wrong with it if you show them to your audience? Maybe they could get inspired,too ? Maybe you could find someone having the same interest as you too? " 

so... I have been busy tidy up my room lately and try to give it a new facelift  !

In order to make the room look like 'mine' (and sis also la), 
I have an idea to make my Customized Cushion Case & Mug !

Such co-incident my bro have introduce this website to me :  Printcious
They are a Gift printing e-shop which you can customize your Phone Case, Cushion Cover, Mug, T-shirt, canvas bag and even Ceramic Tiles !!
cool right?!

If you're getting out of idea, you can just click and view what they offer!
(there is also a category for Men/Women! idea-less boyfriend's savior XD )

I have made up my mind to customize Cushion Case and Mug!

Let's see how this website works huh?

Shop > Cushion > Cushion(Square) > customise your own Cushion here

1) Choose your Cushion cover type

2) Customise Yours !

the customise process is pretty easy too!

just add the image that you wanted to print on
upload the artwork that you want to print on 
(*yes you will need to provide your own artwork!)

Scaling tool in the website is pretty easy !
oh ya my artwork is just my channel logo HAHAHA

when you're done editting your artwork size, then just click on 'Add to Cart'

Guess what, I saw a Lee Min Ho cushion case in their 'ready to made' catalogue when I was just try to get some inspiration from their ready stock line!

*Hou Leng Zai ah!!*

3) When you're done shopping, let's check out! 

- Fill in your delivery address

- Pick your delivery method
(free shipping for order >RM60 ; Self pick up at office RM0)

(Online transfer / Cash deposit at bank) 

Hoola! My order is done!
I'm just gonna wait for the parcel arrive on my doorstep and then..ngek ngek !
Let me show you guys in the room tour video kay?!

If you missed out my 1st stage of room 'deco' blog, you may read it here

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