Beauty Bound Asia 2016 Malaysia Entry

2016 Beauty Bound Asia is back!
For those who are not sure what is this campaign about, let me tell you more about it!
(drag ur chair and listen to the story kay?)

Beauty Bound Asia (aka BBA) is a program which searching for budding Asia's next top Beauty Creator! It is a program powered by Youtube, sponsored by SK2 which calling all the potential beauty youtuber out there to join the community and be the next top creator! 

Sound amazing huh?
There's more than this.

Kicking off the first BBA on 2015, there has been more than 2000 aspiring creators from the asia-pacific (Hk, Tw, Jp, Kr, Msia, Indo..etc ) competed in a series of challenges and local boot camp through the big final ! Country finalist was sent to Japan for the Global Final
(yeshh! Japan! )

Not too sure for this year though.
But !
Beauty Bound has returned in 2016 with exciting updates!
Through a series of intense boot camps conducted locally across 8 countries, called Beauty Base, 8 shortlisted contestants will be battling it out in various challenges before a winner is selected to represent their country at the global finals.

Grand prize for the winner will include :
1) exclusive entry to SK2 beauty circle with media exposure and networking opportunity
with top beauty creators and celebrities ; 1 year worth of sk2 product !!

2) 3 months coaching with youtube

3) 1 week exclusive exchange program in U.S with industry experts like Stylehaul with access to an international industry convention

4) professional production equipment worth thousands of dollar !

**Hey, I know your eyes are blinking now**
**Imagine you can actually meet so much of aspiring people that share the same passion as you! **

I've made up my mind to join this year entry and I'm truly already anticipating! 
It will be super fun to be given the chance to meet beauty creators around the world and make some new friends! More important, I really hope to join the Malaysian Youtuber community !

Do check out my entry videos and leave me a comment! Your supports will always be my greatest motivation to create more and more content!
Love you guys !

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