26042013 working in topshop,malaysia

hi readers ! just as u all knew, i had been worked in topshop for more than three months already!
*it suppose to be still counting*

just as what i promised and there are some readers and friends asked me about it,
surely i would like to do this entry post to answer all of your question !*wink*

about working in f21 , click HERE

so, here you go about WORKING in topshop(Malaysia)
from interview, to working, to making fun there !
*this pic is steal from my colleague hahaha! *


info from videos,articles, there are three tasks u have to do in interview
TASK 1: facing to the judges(interviewer), introducing yourself and stand yourself out.
TASK 2: mix and match your outfit at the outlet.pick shirts in forever21 and match it yourself.
TASK 3: introducing you mix and match. telling interviewers WHY, WHAT,HOW you wear the items of the season.

somehow, these are not exist in Malaysia hahahaha!!
my experience to get job in TOPSHOP,mid valley branch, malaysia is :

walk in >  fill in a form > pass up > back home wait for inform
i was so nervous and though i wont be able to get the job because after a week i still didnt get any inform =(
*sob sob*


i got a call from them after 2 weeks i applied it ! oh yeah!!
 i almost burst out tears when i received the call!!
gosh , now i able to be one step forward to my dream ardy hahaha!!
*kixiao anot*

so after get the call i went to the shop for actual interview with the manager =)
i was so lucky i just answer few question then ask for when i can get into work .
(probably it is because i told  that i had experience at f21 before)
but i saw few new staff after were required to show to the manager how they will 'recommend' a shirt to customer. they look so awkward when doing the task  lol *lucky me*

QUESTION 2 :  how much for the salary ?
firstly, i was a contract staff, for contract staff 

 it is rm1.2k as basic, rm300 incentive and rm300 fixed commission
(well, this commission nvr exist in my pay slip idk why ! *grr* )
*incentive will pay in once after u done three months contract with the company

then, talking about part time staff.
same as f21,

salary is counted by hours. rm6/hour ( info on 26 april 2013)
rm9/hour for OT .
*midnight OT will be higher*

how many working hours a day ?
basically, there are four types of shift

morning : 9:30am - 6:30pm (1 hour break)

afternoon : 1pm-10pm (1 hour break)
center shift : 11am-8pm (1 hours break )

full shift : 9:30am -10pm (two hours breaks)
 so basically it is 8hours per day or 10hours,depends on shift =)

QUESTION 4 :  what to wear ? any rules?

yes , topshop strictly required staffs wear TOPSHOP items
you MUST wear their top.
about bottom, u can wear own bottom but ONLY black color item.

ANY other brand's bottom which is not in black color is PROHIBITED.

QUESTION 5 :  what if i dont have that much topshop's item in my wardrobe?
yes you can claim uniform =) but with limit.
not really much you can claim but this is also a benefit for staff 

*if you're not going to fulfill three months working there, how much u claimed will be deduct from your salary.*

QUESTION 6 : what is the benefit to be staff ?

as a staff , no matter you are full time or part time, you able to get 20% off for each item in shop.
~ *yay yay! discount when shopping is most happy one! * ~

rather than discounts,i would like to tell all fashion lover like me,
you will be able to learn about FASHION here !
*this is what i was craving to work at topshop *!

QUESTION 7 : .... i couldn't think of it yet. feel free to drop me ur question okay?!

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  1. Hi, does Topshop have age requirements? Can 16 year olds apply for part-time jobs? Thank you.

    1. they have age requirement. at least 18' =) but u can give it a try also because they did hired few below 18' staff before

  2. how many off days per week ?

  3. What is the difference between hours between part time and full time? Thank you! :)

    1. Uhm...working time is not much different but benefit.
      Full time staff entitle a commision if branch's sales hit the target.

  4. Hi, does it usually takes at least a week to receive their call?? Thanks

  5. how does the OT work for part-timers though?and what position were you in?

  6. Hi dear :) wanna ask a question, I'm currently working in Topshop, so what I'm purchasing will get 20% off? Bcoz my store manager didn't told me bout that.

  7. how u recommend a shirt to customers?