19042013 gave up

i don't wish to give up.
but HAVE to.

you don't know how much topshop means to me.
i learnt too much here.
i met them...
charmaine-the first i will cry when talk to her.
debbie - the supeer caring big sis. she calmed me down just by one sentence.
janice- the one who taught me, be tough, smile more
nadrah - the big sis, i am so appreciate. the big big hug she gave me
khaidril - the one who protected me from getting scold
theresa - the one who makes me so enjoy the work
belinda - the super cute girl i cant stop play with her
dax- the big brother, i really like how caring he is
aaron - the kind brother, thank you.
vivian - the one who i can talk with when we are both in anger
sek - although he is so hamsap, but he is really nice, very gentleman and taught me much
arie- the hobbit girl whom forever blur blur and so pandai gap leng lui
mu- the super cute dumb face i cant take his words serious!
pakco - the funny guy when talk in mandarin! ur face expression never have an end
jason - i hope u will do it well in these three months =) dont like me so weak ya

and still got so many
i love here , so much ....

it was so tough until i being numb with my own mind.
i was so tired here, i was so piss off here
but then i met them, i learnt, and i am so appreciate.

dad and mum warned me so many times so so so many times.
i knew i disappointed them.
i shouldn't go ahead just because of my interest with it .
should think of them.

i was just thinking for myself . how silly ?
i know, i can understand they are just worry for me.
BUT , i just wanna do it because i love it, why is  it so hard?
i knew u dislike me go for related field, so i chosen accounting.
i just wanna fulfill the a lil part of my dream. but it so hard.

i hope everything goes well after this,  and i able to come back.

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  1. Everything will be okay!!! =]

  2. Waaaa!!!
    I saw my name, first one somemore!!!
    Very touched sia...
    I miss those days where we were so used to stuck inside the fitting room, sharing our stories to each other.:/

    1. hahaha!! really missing those time u know...now most of the staff gone...oni those...aiks...precious memories :)