14042013 Food & Life

clearing out pichas from blackie and found so many #foodporn
make it as a life entry , recording my life yeapy!

went PUBLIKA with sis to meet a private guest.
 plan B as breakfast ~
 love the calming setting of the restaurant. out of the noisy city

 old school

  hot latte .
 was affected by someone else but i found that it is not my taste.
current obsession : Java chip frappuccino ! haha!
 fav plan B big breakfast.
loving the nicely grill mushroom and the big bean. their big bean is excellent!
MUST -order haha!
 their croissant is so crispy ! nicely baked .

a vintage store in publika

 different = rare= one of a kind = limited edition
 sitting next to you doing abosolutely NOTHING .(means absolutely EVERYTHING)

 and met my FAV ever chocolate!
rose petal choclate bar something
(forgot it's name. it is not so chocolate.)
loving the accent of rose , very very calming my mood and yet not so sweet !
very crunchy and taste great ! but it is imported from turkey, sorta hardly find it.

this is from @SALON DU CHOCO .publika .sri hartamas

bought few for mum because she loves this =)
enjoy this with earl grey as hi-tea. LOVE.

so do another day hang out with bunch !
head for breakfast also haha!
 mine. forgot what name =.=
just their bread is so nice! and big bean as mentioned.
and so do cherry tomatoes
*i hate cherry tomatoes except plan B's * haha! they just cooked it too nice!

mash mallow hot chocolate .
 signature egg cheese foundae .
must order also!
so cute

so do another went bukit bintang
(this entry is so qincai aiks....)
hardly get a ootd picca.
(always couldnt find someone help me to take ootd picca i am so sad T^T sob)

top: topshop
pants: h&m
shoes : converse x comme des garcon

loving the details on pants =) so blingee !! love love love !
was thinking to get this h&m PU jacket but end up bought topshop's

 he asked me to so a candid shot for him like walking into the crowd
but end up i took this hahaha!!
*i am sorry! *
he was like =.=

"let me show you how to take "

and he got me this !
i love this pic so much!
*i cropped this pic in instagram. it is originally more wide and morrreee ppl passing by *
i forgot where i saved the original one =(

this is why i said he is always my best photographer. EVER =)

 Sakae sushi's curry chicken bento .

okay that's all for today !
gotta clean up my wardrobe ! #nightmare !

my wardrobe is almost no places to put ardy =(
wanna clear out and recycle it to H&M
their recycle program is so interesting hahaha!!

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