27032014 [sponsor] Kose beauty workshop - the recipe of translucent skin!♥ + GIVEAWAY !

aww i am so happy to do this post because...
FINALLY have the chance to try out the Kose Sekkisei lotion mask ! 

it has been on my wishlist for a long time since high school!
(throwback the first time i read VIVI/Popteen....feeling so old lol) 
 their best seller lotion mask has always been rated as the no.1 whitening mask in Japan !

god knows how manyyyy whitening product are available in Japan!
there must be some reason why it deserves the crown as BEST among others !

Let's get started ! 
step 1 : cleansing 
it is SUPERB important to have a Clean face before you apply any skincare product !
make sure to remove the foundation/BB cream/Sunblock and etc. to prevent clogged pores!
cleansing cream is perfect to remove daily light make up ! 
even if you have sensitive skin,cleansing cream suits you well as it does not irritate the skin.
It also lower the chance of getting a breakout as it is not THAT Oily ! 

Take a cherry-sized cleansing cream and place it on your palm. Then massage as illustrated in the pic below ~~ =)

massage patiently as it will determine how clean your face will be !
(pardon my fringe-less forehead...aiks..have i said that fringe is part of my life? LOL)
* i remove only the face make up because i have round 2 after that haha*
take a tissue,put it over the face to absorb any excessive oil

and then rub them off carefully
*Do not rub it off harshly as it might sensitized your skin!!*

wash the face over again using facial cleanser/water so that 0 make up will be left on face ! 

step 2 : toner / lotion / mask 
here comes the magical Sekkisei Lotion Mask! 

step 1 : pour the lotion into the cap until it reaches the Line.
step 2 : put the capsule paper mask into it
step 3 : wait until the lotion is fully absorbed by paper mask! (it will puff up !) 
tadaa leave it on face for 5-10 minutes !~
**DO NOT leave it on for > 10 minutes ! it will have a reverse effect! **
(which means...the mask will re-absorb water from your skin after the mask has dried off )

 Benefits of Lotion Mask 
- Translucency 
- Penetration 
- Moisturizing 
- Zero Pores 
- Whitening 
- Smoothing 
- Firming 
- Relaxing 
- Evenness

~skin is so refreshing after the mask ~ 
~ bright & translucent ~ 
~ instantly boost up with water!~
~ gives a very dewy yet non-sticky look =) ~

Feel  that DEWY& TRANSLUCENT !! 

what makes it so Amazing ?!!
it contains items carefully selected out of approximately 100 types of oriental plants.
(from left to right.)
 Coix seed extract(薏苡仁提取液- increased metabolism whitening, moisturization and prevention of skin roughness. 
Angelica extrac(当归萃取液)- disinfectant, whitening and moisturising effects.
 Melothria extract(茅瓜) - suppress melanin production has whitening effect on the skin. 

step 3: Moisturize by Sekkisei Emulsion 
*sorry for the low resolution pic =( *
super moisture & non-greasy !! DEEP love with this !!

pic telling how i feel like after all these steps HAHAHAHA ! ╮(╯◇╰)╭
*blossom blossom*

step 4 : as light as SNOW bb cream & loose powder ! 

is the magic effect of lotion mask or the BB cream working too well ? *no filter*
i applied only 1/4 of amount of what i usually use on my face when using their BB cream! 
 WITHOUT any concealer at all !~

It must be the Sekkisei Whitening Mask lighten my scars i guess!
(i was never able to cover my acne scars by only 1 layer base!) o(〒﹏〒)o

If you’re looking into trying this product, the SEKKISEI Lotion is now available at all KOSE counters at these prices.
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml – RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml – RM260  
Good news ! 

Kose are now having promotion(roadshow) at Mid Valley !

date : 17-23th march 2014

venue : Aeon North Court, Ground Floor, Mid Valley ~

Visit them now and grab all the lotion mask on rack ~! and... OPPS !
you might be the SEKKISEI cinderella !!╭(′▽`)╯
 ^ click to find out more ! 
Did I mention that the winner will win herself a sponsored trip to Japan in 2015 for Sekkisei 30th anniversary party, 1 year supply of Sekkisei products, cover girl for magazine, and RM15, 000 cash prize too ??  *Eyes rolled big*

fluttered ? 

submit your entry now  
date line :  12th April 

you could be the SEKKISEI Cinderella ! 

----wait ! ----
i hear you .
louder ...please ?
****GIVEAWAY ! ****
How to win these incredible mask pack?
Follow me on Instagram @eivinying
Answer these questions
1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?

2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

Comment below with your Answers, Name, Email, Instagram name
Contest ends: 17th April 2014, 11.59pm.
*NOTE: There’s 34 Pocket Masks to giveaway to 17 of lucky readers ! (random selection)

winners will be inform via email !
good luck everyone :)

thanks Nuffnang &Kose for giving me an opportunity to experience the Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask !
full details of review coming up =)

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  1. name : wong yin soon
    email address : wyinsoon@live.com

    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) whitening

    hope i win one of them! HAHA><

  2. Ashley Woon
    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) pore tightening
    I really like kose products. Please let me win. Thx. XOXO

  3. Name = alex wong
    Email address = junser_z@hotmail.co.uk1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) whitening

  4. 1. Coix seed extract, Angelica extract , Melothria extract
    2. Moisturizing

    Lee Man Chee

    I really feel like to try kose products!! Hope i can get it! ^^

  5. Hi Eivin, thank you very much for the giveaway.

    Name: Vivian Tan
    Email: viviantan86@hotmail.com
    Instagram name: viviantan_86

    1) Coix seed extract, Angelica extract and Melothria extract
    2) Firming ;)

  6. 1. Coix seed extract, Angelica extract , Melothria extract
    2. Moisturizing

    Lim Yan Mei

    support kose! :)

  7. 1. Coix seed extract, Angelica extract , Melothria extract
    2. Moisturizing

    Lim Yan Mei

    support kose! :)

  8. Ng Chai Huan

    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) Translucency

    choose me choose me choose meeeeee! ^^

  9. Man Yue

    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) Relaxing

  10. Cyin
    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) Firming
    I wish I'm the lucky one ! Super duper need mask now ! Thank you <3

  11. hi
    Lee Jing Mun
    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) pore tightening

    Thx for the introduction , hope i can try it too. BTW ur skin look so flawless, what is the secret? =)

    1. thanks for your entry =)
      well...i dont think my skin is flawless LOL !
      but put on more moisturizing and also whitening mask will enhance skin condition for sure ^^

      achieve the procelin skin one day ya ! =)

  12. 1. Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract & Melothria extract
    2. Zero Pores

    Amelia Ng Chye Wen

    pick meeeeeeeeeeeee ^____________^

  13. 1. Coix seed extract,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2, Moisturizing

    Chong Yen Yee

    Hope can get this. Thanks :)

  14. A very good review! (I'm not here for the freebies tho, haha) Come check out my blog too! I write about fashion. :)


  15. Name: Yue Ling
    Email: jacqurline@hotmail.com
    Instagram: bearduck

    1.1 Coix seed extract (Whitens)
    1.2 Angelica root extract (Whitens)
    1.3 Melothria root extract (Whitens)
    2. Smoothing

    Choose meeeeee! :D :D :D

  16. Name: Princess Neverland
    Email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk
    Instagram: @princessneverland

    1) Coix seed extract ,Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) whitening

  17. First time bumped into your blog and found ths giveaway lol...support :p

    1) Coix seed extract, Angelica extract, Melothria extract
    2) Zero Pores (yeah!!)

    Name: CpMooN
    Email: killua_84@hotmail.com
    Instagram Name: @cpmoon