24112012 work in forever21,malaysia

*when you are reading this post, i have been resigned ! * 

okay, this is a post i wanted to blog for so long time ardy .WHY ?
because...there were no any single info about working in retail shops when i was searching for it last time before i go in. SO , i guess my post might can help some of you who are wandering to go work there :D
say THANKS ! my readers(ahahaha!~ my readers are good manner one!)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I was so panic before going for INTERVIEW, thinking about what will they ask me ? will there any mission i need to do or anything i must know !

so i youtube-ed it .and here is the video .
*this is about interview in topshop


 according to the video , there are three task you need to done.

TASK 1: facing to the judges(interviewer), introducing yourself and stand yourself out.
TASK 2: mix and match your outfit at the outlet.pick shirts in forever21 and match it yourself.
TASK 3: introducing you mix and match. telling interviewers WHY, WHAT,HOW you wear the items of the season.

but hello, there are no such thing in MALAYSIA !

my interview experience in forever21 ,Mid Valley branch is :
walk in,
ask for any vacancy there
meet the assistant manager
 pass up the resume(she even didnt read my resume lol)

SECOND QUESTION :  how much is the salary there? how many working hours a day there?
As a part-timer, i can only tell the duration for PART-TIMER. :D

salary is counted by hours. rm6/hour (november 2012)  no OT.
8 hours a day, 1 hour break time.

Morning shift is from: 9am-6pm
afternoon shift is from : 1pm-10pm
*break time is no constant, decided by branch manager.*

THIRD QUESTION: what to wear?

your personal wears. no uniform provided
*that is quite hilarious if retails shop provide uniform too LOL. *
so, wear your style :D

any benefit for staff ? like...getting discount?
so far, this is most unclear thing while i worked there. nobody telling me about this.
some of them say there are no benefit for part-timers. but i found something when worked there.
there are a book recorded what staffs bought and i guess there are a system, like...every staff have their id,there are a credit limit inside. make an example,maybe rm200 .
then they can use this rm200 limit to buy stuff in shop. I GUESS .

i bought a shirt there when working anf i didnt get any discount. idk if it is because i am not the confirmed staff yet? IDK IDK IDK

  what you work as in forever21? uhm...i am sales associate. there are few field u might involve in but it is decided by supervisor or manager.
like ...fitting room,greeter,cashier, take care of zones.

okay...i think here are the mostly question people asked...if you got any problems or question just post a comment below :D

and now is photos boom time. teehee!!

the pass . u need to pay rm40 as deposit for this pass and a locker.

this is how the locker look like. *quite meanless yea i know.*

briefing time * sorry for the weird posing lol *
everyday before start working there will have a briefing time,like for 15-30minutes, supervisor or manager will tell how much sales we did the day before and still how much to go to hit our this month sales target.
(it is counted by million haha! )

and yeap! they will check out our outfit everyday ! u will requested to fill what u wear today when punch in and punch out :D

maybe it is because Malaysia is an islamic country as what you know, we have a rule that cannot wear some too exposing shirt. (which did really bored me out and became one of the main reason i resign.)

reasons i resign . < click in

my #ootd missed out first day ootd because they said i wore too expose.hurt my pride i couldnt take pic happily.
second day is:

top : from bro
pants: some wear over the rainbow (random online shop)
shoes : converse x cdg
vest : random

super tired but still acted cute after work haha! thanks dad and mum fetch me home

wore a dress to work because there was secondary school prom night just after work!

miss glittery dress : iwearsin (bought from chuckei baby jane at churpout bazaar.)
denim jacket: ROMP
tattoo silk socks : belated-duo
oxford platform shoes : times square. rm45 only.
pink camera : casio ex-je10

was so tired so just BB cream and eyebrow because the day before i worked for afternoon shift..slept at 2am i guess ...make up is kind of weird...lol
auto middle apart i am sorry

fav ootd !

knit cap : stylenenda korea.
grey top: from bro
vest : random
leather skirt : stylenenda korea
legging : h&m
shoes: random (less than rm40)
studded bracelet : belated-duo

love the stylenanda skirt very much! easy to match anything! and make my waist looks smaller,thinner and legs look longer haha!

where to get ?  -- here --
or get from me ! belated-duo

lastly, thanks to my girls , lighten up my lunch time
u gals are the best !!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
so do some of my friends visited me but didnt get a chance to take a pic :(

and lastly, a pic with supervisor ZOEY.
who scared me on the first day said wanna chop off my pant(i was wearing foruchizu that bows jeans)

like his spike hairband so much!! available in forever21 ,rm39.90

okay that's all for today:)
thanks for reading!~

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  1. I think maybe because some brands have very strict rules about confidentiality so maybe that's why :)
    I used to work part-time for a brand, as well. I find it interesting that you can wear your own clothes at Forever21. It definitely gives more freedom. I love all your outfits

    1. but the rules just like ...i still in school and they will frame me must be four inch over knee lol ><
      you worked for what brand before?
      thank you and i will try to make more changing :) teehee

  2. Need to apply makeup when working?

    1. yes u need to put on make up(i mean put make up on is better)
      but i tried to go with naked face they didnt say anything too...so ...make yourself look better if you want everyone treats you nicer haha!

  3. What you answer them when they asked why you want to work at there?

    1. They didn't ask me this question...but I wrote the reasons in my resume :) they just ask me what date u able to work? As fast as you can lol...

  4. Do you need to have a resume? hahahah

  5. can i have a example of your resume , bcs i want to apply working at retails shop. pls email me asap farahidalia@gmail.com