13112012 life !

*once again , dont get shock with this.
(pic took by pinkue,overexpose due to the blazing sunrise otw to school.somehow make up mode did well)*相机的广角用来这样拍脸好像变长了哈哈哈哈!女生们应该学起来。
hello peeps! feel like so bore without blogging..
life is so unpredictable,changing everyday.that's why i am here writing blog.

feeling uncomfortable can't meet my bunch everyday :(
#missing them so badly!!

after graduate, then it is class trip
took quite a big amount of photos but no time to edit them.

one of the pic in trip.
took in bus with pinkue.
* sport mode. i am satisfied with it.
Do you?

 then work
fyi, i am currently working at forever21.
i love this job.
no matter how tired i was, looking at the clothes,then i feel very energetic.

somehow my colleague are malays,and i couldnt talk in malay fluently ...
so ya...
feel strange. will update more about my job.
i am now part of FOREVER21!

say yay to me !!

gotta off to prepare tonight dinner with kaima ...
i was so guilty i absent her birthday bash due to the class trip :(

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