19112012 Pick Up monday blue

Edited pics for whole afternoon today and getting bore...
this is what happen after resign.


stalked around LB and yup,LB always blinked up my mind :D

knie floral top and wine red leather skirt. love.
sweet and safe color tone is so lovely ...

like the shoes.:)

love this most
spot the transparent heel wedge.
so far...i still cant find it yet except get from EMODA .

and the fur jacket.
so much love

feel the freedom.

the cambridge satchel. and jeffrey campbell <3 br="br">

snow leopard.

folded leather skirt ,floral blouse, spike headband. love <3 br="br">

studded snow leopard sweater.

feel the panic.
there are always something hide behind the face.

spot ze GIVENCHY top inside. wild dog.
love it deeply.

aww...love this so much. so peace.

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  1. Lookbook really is such an inspiration.

    Btw, saw your new camera 2 posts down. So pretty!

    1. yaya ~~ lookbook never bored us out hehe :)
      yup yup very nice right~~ gonna update about how to use it widely to get nice selca teehee :)