05122012 Aquaria@KLCC

this is a post i want to make months ago...i finally finished edited them yoohoo!
^^ yeeppyy!

**but still more to edit ...graduation, langkawi trip, food trip bla bla bla ...**
i am sorry ! but let's go check out Aquaria@KLCC first lol lol lol !

wanted to go aquaria for a long time ! i though the admission fee will cost me like rm90+ or rm100 so i gave up ,but hey man! dont be so silly like me , it just cost rm35 !  (for mykad holder, adult. )

for info about the admission fee click here

teehee! so i went it alone with my BLACKIE on ! (blackie= canon 550d) and took SOME pic which killed me ....4 hours maybe.
but trust me, visit to a aquarium is actually very nice to release your stress ...look at the fishes, u might feel the freedom.(although they are not free actually ... poor fishes.)

 piranha tank! aww! i got the time to watch the feeding time btw, very cruel piranha!
 so many foreigners was all gather there i just able to sneak peak the feeding show due to my height. damn it.
 idk what this call...鳖?
u can touch them in this tank ! their shell is hard...the only thing i felt . lol
 the water keep moving i am sorry..
their legs look like cockroaches omg ! so disgusting !escape plz !
 fav moment ! touch the sea star :) yoohoo!
 the fish with high electricity voltage! very dangerous ! 
dont try to approach it if you have any chance to see it..
(mostly impossible lol i know...but it just for knowledge,IT IS DANGEROUS.)

 spot the elephant nose fish ! so special right right right ?! haha i know !
 elephant nose fish is kind of fish with electricity voltage too but it is in low electricity voltage :)
 aww aww ! this is so freaking ugly i forgot the name ! so damn geli !!~
 cute water rat !! telling 'QUIET.'

 omg! this rat can swim in high speed ! no joke ! i was so panic i couldn's take any pic of it..
then i call someone ask for help lol...(but in the end seems like i still unable to take nice photo of it)
 the most dangerous turtle in the world .so thorny !! beware of this kind of turtle !
 the artificial moths =.=  #onlyinmalaysia lol lol lol !
so surprised they wont move when first sight lol then i realised they are plastic one grr
 lizard? its eyes in jade color!
 weird turtle
 keep calm and stare ! xoxo
 spot the grey frog...with ..'buncit' lol
 water snake !
 albino soft shell turtle.
this ! gosh!! i hate this weirdo thing.
idk wt* is this ! it look like lizard but fish alike? and it swims and moves in high speed so geli to watch.
 spot the frog
 spider! the only success pic...
so many big big big spider with lil fur but too dim i cant take pic. they are so cool!

 bro said this turtle is super cool because it's eyes like LED glowing in dark
 the smallest frog in the word soooooo cute ! so so so damn cute ! hahahaha!
 the funny couple lizard
 they come together once my camera approach the glass aw so cute !
and they even ardy posing for me hahahaha! funny anot

 the huge fishes ! they are so big ! (couldn't show via pic)
i bet they are at least 155cm each...or maybe more than this...so BIG !
 ugly epic fish.
it looks like telling 'i got a shock from you'

 hihi forgot what it's name but i met it in a game.
 this did really attracted my sight. MANGROVE SNAKE.
 look at the thorny skin ...omg omg omg
 cute fish!! it will automatic come forward once the camera approach ! cute ! ♥

 deng deng deng deng ! tiger shark is coming !

 weird ray
 sea turtle !

 this weird fish swim in weird way
 aww!! the fierce teeth

 stone fish! the are alive. hehe!
 cute fish from the sand ♥
 the wierd fish swim in weird way take 2
 see !
i saw same kind of fish at langkawi island jetty! aww!!
 idk what this called...it usually being the monster in lol

 star fish ! aint it look like...sponge ? haha
jelly fishes ! there are only a type in aquaria klcc! too bad !
 super sad unable to take a look at jelly fishes at langkawi water world last month :(
 sea horse. idk why it ...hang on the sea weed like this...

 cute lil fish
 nion yellow fish!
 haha nemo's friend.
 lil zebra fish
 this is cute ! it will spit out the sand around ~ like creating the snowing effect hahahaha!! cute!
 best shot of the day.
ignore those stupid scratches..sorry
 colorful shirmp !
 idk what this called...a weirdo fish...
 fire shrimp!
scorpion !
which i wanted as my pet when i was young lol...doesn't it cool?!

save our ocean, save our world.
they are the precious in the world.

okay..finallly done this post ...next post will langkawi trip or graduation pics idk yet...aww...so many !
btw, telling you guys/gals...i am going to Singapore next thursday ! cant wait to check out their new biggest aquarium  ! got hammer head shark ! exciting !

anyway, thanks to the 'someone' who was trying to help me when taking these photos and suggested to go s'pore. and YA! i am broke plz! why u keep encourage to spend more in sg? u crazy man dont spend myr but spend sgd =.= u genius ! 

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