18122012 langkawi class trip !

so here is langkawi post! super delayed i am sorry!
i am so lazy lol

this was happened like...two months ago lol lol lol!
nvm larh! just think it as i want to calling our memories after two months!

in spite of me , suggested to make running man name tag, so yea..
we all gathered together a day before the trip and stay still late night doing these!

special thanks to babe lye, provided us accommodation lol lol lol.
and our princess jessie seow ! finally have chance stay in one same room with you♥

okay...let the pictures telling everything!
photos taken by casio ex-je10 !
(read the unboxing post here )

 four diff best shot efffect :)
got vintage anot hahaha!!
we not play play one okay! each of us in charge in diff work one !
bergotong-royong you know ?!
 outcome ! ♥
 the messy room lol! i am sorry lye's mama ...*smackhead! *

the feel is really really nice whole bunch depart from same place, whole gang tgt head to our school !
the memorable school.
 it look nicer than usual on the day :)
 there are always some very precious corner in the school ignored by us when we still there.
hi, little pretty flowers :)
 the signature location in school. the hall!
and so do my sweet bunch and classmates!
(bunch sounds weird but i like it haha!! like we all keep contact with each other ♥)
 i am sorry jac ! jane took this lol!
but you are so cute!!
much more cuter than i thought ! and so noob too ♥
such a lovely girl. dont hurt her! guys! she is precious !
missing the form teacher minnie !
 selca in the bus!
thanks to the brightly sunlight, i look fair ...or i should say it is pale ?!
 after a few hours.....
we arrived....
not langkawi.
but just rest station ! sleepy yawn!
breaking my back!
high speed sport mode ! on high way:)
not bad though...hehe !

 got chio anot ?!
haha! this has been my desktop for a month haha!
narcism yea i know ! :O
 forgotten how many hours later...finally !
SEA =.=

can i report this to NASA telling them i shot UFO in malaysia?!

 peace ☮

hello we arrived the jetty !

 this pic was on purpose one

haha mr chen yuan! this is the punishment for you who ask you forgotten where you put our sparkling juice!

lunch time !
 da pretty genius babe aunty jane lol!

 cute katak with lemon tea drink :)
 dont emo girl!

 the simple noon tea set. calling all the memories.

 katak's chicken meat ball pasta ~
 the failed love shape by yours truly.
 好男人 vs 可爱男
 secret recipe .

on the boat.

we stayed at lancon hotel @langkawi .

comment : it is really spacious and overall it is okay!
except the fence at the corridor is quite...low...and i think it is dangerous .

our so syok jane jane !!
congratz straight As :) ze best ever !

off to dinner !
i think this is the most happy dinner i had in the trip hahaha!!
bei bei is so cute ! challenged to eat the dried chilisss =.= *show off to jane plz*
guoyi is still very joyful and cute !bro forever!
yoga is still very fei! they just kept teasing each other.
chen yuan as usual ! so bro feel ! hhahaha!!

weikang is buddy, u know i know !
chuiling : sorry i was just to encourage you to be more hardworking on from 3..lol
jasmine : our bling bling and lace  fever never end !
amy siew : thank you for always helping in drawing !

 a very tidy fruits stall  . :)

and some craps photos when 30+ people all crowd in a small speed mart.
 babe chiayie and beibei ! you guys are just....too cute!

2nd say morning. :)
 photo credit to babe jessie seow ♥
mode : best shot SUNSET in pinkue :)

my tweety babe have loonnnnggg legs!
blur out.
but i wanna say ! BFF !
katak looks taller than buildingsss lol

girls, use your wide angle wisely !

take pic from low angle, place your camera horizontally ! then ur limbs will turn out like
180 !

ze forever playful jac!
landcon in the morning.
like the design of the building ...although....it is quite...weird ..lol

 otw to tasik dayang .
the ...lake which ...super deep? lol idk..

mua sunglasses is weird but cute? lol

 childhood memories ! with lomo best shot effect.
 result is nothing, rejected is nothing .
take a deep breath, feel the blazing sun , i feel alive.
i feel YOUNG !

 there must be something waiting for us no matter what happen :)
cheer, my world, my friends, my loves.

 those precious time we being tgt :)

从这里开始,请到youtube search  " loving you - sistar "




otw to tasik dayang. walk by your own feet :)


safety jacket and kayak various rental services here .

 ze view.
some photos grab from others. check out  here for more.
(telling myself if wanna think back years after)
 water splash!

eagles feeding time after water splash !

i am sorry...this is the best pinkue did...
so i grab classmate's photos again!
haha!! readers know i am weak in photography lol lol lol ! paiseh paiseh!
love this the most.

 games time !
i am sorry our games are quite failed lol...sincere sorry !

blow the tissue babe!
omg the blazing sun blazing sunnn!!

earned SUNBURN on the day lol ...pathetic

after all, take a rest at hotel and plan next game session..

discussing in room lol ! very messy omg really hard to plan this that duhh..
at last the game quite failed...sorry sorry:(

 it was pouring ... :(



take a deep breath!

 lingxiuxiu aka estrella  playing sand like a kid hahahaha!
effect : fisheyes
 she felt very fun when the thumbs becoming soo fat lol?

 safety first plz !

the quite messy us
omg the sand on beach aww!

so much ♥
sunset !

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