09122012 all about the graduation

six years.
i am now freshly graduated.
not like others, i dont feel sad except for a very ....shocking news heard on the day.
until now, i still dont think that was a true news.
he still there on fb, on twitter, my friend request still pending.

RIP my friend.

missing my friends, my bunch after graduate.
thanks god, thank you for gave me a chance meet them. thank you .

the bright smile accompanied with the warming sun.
never know that the way forward to the school is that warming.
*sound like so geh geh si u know?!*

the school.
idk why...it just...too dim...haih...
failed photo from yours truly.

the hall.
the place full with memories.
the first stage show when 15' ,the first dance performance when 17' and then last also here.
the place i meet chilled with bunch when we was young.


assembly in the morning.
hey, dont use mobile phone in school area babe!

meet the katak aka weikang.
the friends who always reminded me , be a simple person.

chuiyan and the katak
katak and ze tall girl

selca in the hall !
love this pic!! with ma cutie tweety bird aka chiayie babe!!

acting emo acting chio

mua babe jessie mama! missing you...

the naive babe lye !

the cool yet tall yingjie !

aww! bet this is the only chance i can do such impolite thing on her haha!!
cause she is tall and yea ...i unable to touch her head even her jaw i guess..

the last stage.
so ashamed by myself. i did better in rehearsal ! pheww!!

took in the preparation room.
i bet this is the guy i am very glad to know.although sometimes many ppl compliment about him in front of me but...he taught me a lot. i learn something from him sometimes. thank you anyhow.
although sometimes i really feel like wanna punch you ! grr

meet mua cutie amelia !
now i really admire her...go for fashion design .
i hope i can go for it too...

meet the pretty society leader.

idk why this shot sooo dark!! grr

meet the teachers!!

aww i hate you heavy dslr !!

sorry double chin. i will diet .

with the forever kind and generous huisze ! ~~ thank you ..u inspired me alot in bookkeeping!

lastly , 默哀。



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