10122012 hair diary@modello hair boutique

get a new hair cut and color last month!
since black hair is really bore so...decided to get something different .
*although not so much change la...

so bought a voucher at groupon haha..easiest way to get great deal.

early in the morning..now u know what called 邋遢


was thinking to get whole mermaid red but somehow at last just did inner layer dye.
asking for dip dyed one lo! then idk how and why ...the outcome is inner layer dye.
a bit sad but...still okay larh~
means i got the reason to try out new stuff liao!

to avoid thirsty

in the three freaking hours.
inner is mermaid or china red.
outer layer is dark violet red
take one
take two

only a lil bit part in red . because my hair is short lol..
 take three
flip over fringe the best. no need to take good care lol
lazy person here.

although i didnt go for treatment but somehow after dyed the hair still look healthy ! aw! i love it !
and what i love most is the chemical used to dye not so smelly !

color faded in water eventually smell nice like cherrie wth.i feel like wanna taste the water no joke.smell nice aww! haha!

sorry for the posing. too bored

was so sick ! but somehow the layering dye is not that obvious so i can hide it when meeting some conservative relatives :X

it keep fading ! not much left now but still blog haha!!

hope have another chance to try out other color bah!~
regret i didnt bleach before dying. ishh!

that's all for today this short update.
hair boutique sponsor me please please lol!!

i found that the owner of the salon actually very nice...they really care about what customer feel in their salon and also they will only serve few customer in a day to make sure the outcome is nice !
thank you stylist kelvin!

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