251202012 langkawi craps photos.

Merry Xmas !!
had some parties but cant manage to blog them all in one time.
thanks my friends,my bunches,my respective elders.

btw, let me finish the langkawi trip first otherwise ...someone will kill me skype me and tweet me lol!
so...continue the second day night in langkawi.
get some drink in the fascinating langkawi island is must !

since buddy katak aka weikang said we should get a place to have some talk so yea
**ex-je10 didnt function well in night lol...or my problem? *

pics have a lot of noise /.\

the place is quiet . and we talked a lot.there are always a friend who keep beside you when u want to have a talk. i am glad i have that. and she inspired me alot. thanks for everything  =^0^=

lotsa craps photos!  still much to go!


we said : act chok =.=

but failed.

actually this is just a post to put all the photos lol.
only few pic left about the trip but i am really lazy to update ardy...because all the photos really upset me grr!
especially the langkawi underworld ! super regret.
i should bring blackie to langkawi. LANGKAWI underwater world! i will back to you again.
dont forget me blue parrot !

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