10122012 fav lookbooker Chloe T

i am editting last langkawi trip photos then superb bore then lookbook goofing haha ! and wanna share with you guys new fav lookbooker.

26' from melbourne
 picked up few my fav photos :)

very admire those lookbooker able to shot all the details in one pic.
and they able to act so chio while taking pic omg!
i wan learn lol lol lol

stop crapping.
here you go !
love how the mustard yellow met the ocean blue.
take note the design on high low cut skirt ! like scrolled up curtain ? but i still love it .
and the blur of miu miu bag aww so much ❤
she is 26 ! unbelievable right?! she looks so young so cute ❤!
this look remind me about VIVI haha! the lilac violet pants aww!!
and the pink oxford!
the disco pant.
velvet blue and metallic high waist 'disco' pants aww!
the figure is ❤!
so do the shoes....and the sock! love love love !!
color blocking
love the braids.
aww hair plz grow faster plz plz plz !!
the pastel mint and the nude lace chiffon skirt.
so feminine ...
even the details on skirt ...just love everything here

mustard yellow and blue ! mark up my eye sights
braids oh braids!
the lilac
the floral high cut skirt . catch in first sight.
flip over hair rock yea!!
love the feminine and sexy in this. really pull off well!!
and the fluffy alike coat aww!
very suitable to go for dating right?
fringe, velvet wine red scarf on head high cut denim, and the glitter platform.
wavy hair look so japanese doesn't she? 
tiger and leather high waist wine red. and rider jacket !
the turban is love eventually with gold chain on it !
love the shoes !
and studded pants ! chios !
current favourite !
military style !
how can i resist this .
military turn over the world now !!
spor the winde red boots and glitter pants. so the the cross necklace
very emoda/stylenenda alike meow kitten top but it is from romwe!
nice JC boots ! when i can own one ! JC JC !
dont worry be sexy
like her hair , her chios pose !!
like the ombre ! the skirt , the swinging feel !
the sweater is so much ❤!
hyped hyped hyped !
lastly, hehe...i am lazy to describe !
just fall in love in first sight!
why think more !!

okay...back to my photoshop, continue my edit suffer experience.

love chloe t!

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