24042013 LIFE

hi hi worlds!
how is everything going on  now ??
wish you guys are all right

i bet i am having a drastically change right now LOL.
 couldn't tell it is good or bad, but just follow the flow larh ish ish ish
 like finally, resigned the work in topshop :(
although i dont wish too. i hope i able to go back very soon . PLZ
blog post about working in topshop will be up very soon XD

was wearing the current fav cheetah cropped top in yellow on last day of working
loving this top because mama said i look fairer with the yellow color top hahaha!!
so i probably thinking change my wardrobe color tone from black grey into yellow haha!


then enroll finally :D

this is today's me !
.thanks course mate car pool LOL !
i admit that i am lazy to drive *slap*
then i can make up in car :X

well, since i am car pool with course mate,
we reach school very very very early !!
9:30am class but we arrived by 8am T^T

haha...but it is quite good also larh then i wont have any chance to be late
*i was the late queen in high school * 

new hand made note book by yours truly ngek ngek!
used the TOPSHOP's summer spring magazine and JUICE (april issue)

*it is in halfway! *
love the digital print lion, the dj in STRESS hahaha! and the cat, sentences i put
wanna make it in POP-ART style :)

#when life bends, bend with it
#be yourself
#remember school days with style
#good doesnt mean anything right now
#age is just a number

outfit for first day(covered the face because i look weird)
i bet i never been this feminine !!
lace knitted cropped cardigan leh! *no joke*
whole look i can only describe by---girly----

was so nervous on the first day and i eventually planned my outfit actually
MUST wear like good, soft girl .
to make sure ppl wont scared by my so weird monster outfit in future, lol

but then i found that outfit not really work out :(
we are just too hesitate to talk  aiks.
*i skipped orientation class, so i am 100% new face*

but then ! the second day hahahaha!!
i MADE new friend leh!
she is super talkactive ! oh yay!

pls ignore the reflection of light =.=
she is super active hahaha! nice to meet you XD !
just the second day of class we ardy selca in class and in front of lecturer hahaha!!

we ardy set our next day class dress code oh yay haha!

continue selca take 2 ! with da cutie jasmine
 selca take 3 !

*i could tell, selca is the best way to make friends hahahaha!! * FUN!

 ootd :

pink knitted jumper - taiwan.
shorts : uniqlo
vintage satchel bag : h&m
slipper : birkenstock
match with zakka vintage acce but didnt take clearer photo :( sad

i hope able to get closer with course mate really soon okay?!
and tmr gotta drive to school by my ownself.#godblessme

btw, number76 bangsar branch is having promotion now and i intend to go there to get a new hair color !
hope could get the result i want : (
should bleach ? aiks

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  1. All the best back to college life!!! =]

    1. thank you :) wish you are doing well too :)