25032013 the experience- working!

today is a very blissful morning =D
went cheong K session with colleagues (which is quite out of my expectation) and had a fun day!
*except my very first facial experience today :( my face is like booming hurt now :(

the first day i started to work . i was that nervous, worried about will colleagues like me? will they boycott me ?(sorry i am that lack of confident seriously.) will everything goes well? will i really able to stay at here until March?


i am sooooo thankful that I DID! 
thank you for all the loves !

introducing them :
 firstly, the big sister NADRAH !
she is best for us . 

thank you for holding me tight when collapsed down. you gave such a big support. i am so touch .
you know, when ppl working alone at outside, when being weak, how nice it is there is a person who talked to you, who counseled you. thank you sis nadrah!
 the kpop maniac oppa! RON RON!

seriously, i was so scared of him when i was newbie here.he looks so cool to me lol.
after knowing him, omg ! he is such a BIG KID!
jinjak cute nehhh!!
although his body is like a BIG MAN but his mind is shooo cute just like a 12 years old kid hahaha!
thank you for being a cute guy here and bring us fun! ngek ngek !

epic thick lips khaidir !

this stupid guy is so gentleman until i cant recognize him please. thank you for helping us always.
helping us run those clothes .although when you are busy.was so angry for him when he was that NOT SO CARE when getting bully. gosh man!
i cant stand it! so i did help to defend back. about details, shhh...i wont tell!
wish you luck and fine in your CASHIER position ngek ngek
jangan BIADAP sangat yaa!

the sexy yet charming selca maniac Debbie!

WE are SELCA maniac !
she is the first sissy i felt so close with her without any reason although we are not meeting each other everyday! (we only met each other once or twice a week and probably, we nvr meet in FEB)
this xiaopo is so crazy until we two can keep talking like no tomorrow lol (helo, surely we did work! i mean we are very 投契!)
got her, i feel like i can be forever crazy and create many events. she is syok for every event hahaah!
cute her !  her make up skill and styling skill DAEBAK !

the shy shy sissy -Carrie

i was so worry i couldn't communicate with her because she can't talk in chinese ~!aww you know my cantonese is so SUCK . hahhaha ! never mind, i did improved because of her OKAY ?
*proud* *shake my hair*
thank you for telling me so many info about our work. i did really learn much from her ♥
shy shy sissy, trust me, we will no longer have to envy those sweet couple anymore.
our prince is coming for us . LOL LOL LOL

 the fake malay melati - May

hi, i am June XD
 (May, June, July . in case you can't get it)she was so blur blur yet so funny until now she still is !
*wakeup honey! *

however, sorry for our 'blind couple' match joke lol haha!
the member of 'HOBBIT' gang ! ---Theresa

she is the one i was so amazed by her prettiness ! her skin is like toufu and so cute wakaka !!
please stop complain that you're fat ! grr! *anger anger*
and your super high pitch sound is so funny !
bet you can sing <煎熬>well?

wish you all the best in your study ~ u look so stress-nya
and so do thank you for being so friendly to me !
nei go sei sui po!
the superb cute TOPMAN staff- DAX!

i still remeber that i was just had a sight of him, then he resigned on JAN!
everyone was telling me you are so kind so good so sweet~
*i was so curious, wow really got that kuajeong meh! *
now i know hahaha!! he is so caring! i never meet such a nice guy in my life i bet.
he could take care of every single detail which i was so surprised !
sweet with ur darling always ya!

and i am not the 'shen po'
i will *shy shy* ohhh

faster upload ur voice on soundcloud! i cant wait for it !!
 the dangerous staff ever lol! --- Hezry !

hahaha i know i am so bastard to tell that he is dangerous. but duhhh truth mah!
girls, keep away from him
*roll far far away*
---i should shuddup----

but aiyor also pity him aiks...

blurry May and buncit gia mr.Aaron
*aaron was not on duty that's why his outfit is so qincai ! *

i met this guy after a month a worked here lol idk why
we are forever no chance to meet *sweat sweat*
too bad the first time i met him i spotted his BUNCIT !
wakakaka! gym larh bro !

dun always emo le larh! *take a deep breath* !

this is half way! still got manyyyy coming soon aww!
was thinking after done all photos only publish but duh!! i got inspired by someone else now !
so i wan rajin rajin blog from now ! yeapy ! no matter is personal life or what,
blogging should be fun!

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  1. Those pictures are quite funny lol!!! Happy Blogging! !! =]

    1. haha~ they are so cute ! thank you for reading also :) *tearful*