07012013 Zoo Negara with pies gang!

hey yo my blog readers !
it has been 2013 ! how are you guys doing ?
i am doing quite well i think... working currently and i love my job.
although it is tiring but i just love it :D

stop crapping, continue my 2012's xmas ! hahaha!!
lol ppl did new year eve celebration but i still doing xmas one.. speechless.
ANYHOW, i had GREAT xmas week!
eating like no tomorrow and outing like the doomsday is coming to town.

what excited me the most is the day out to ZOO with ma sweetie pie bunch haha!
*no idea why is sweetie pie also ~ lol but sounds sweet haha! *
fyi, lrt cant reach ZOO negara ! this is just one of the stop we went lol.
盼望未来的感觉有没有?haha! syok sendiri always :X

selca on the train :)
okay...someone so sweet ! u see u see!
*haha! remember her outfit yo! because her outfit gotta make her in trouble in zoo lol*
yours truly really fugly here. but whatever. they look pretty ! ♥
the lightning is nice right ? lol
finally meet you shinyi babe!! u very dapai horh keep disappear one!we finally meet each other after 2011's november i think hahahaha! but we still so keep in touch idk why ? maybe we both cukup sendiri syok enough ! hahahaha!!

chilling session before head to zoo haha!!
we almost caught all ppl attention due to the eyes catching hair band haha!
merry xmas everyone !
check in zoo negara ! ignore the plastic bag lol...i know so auntyish haha!
welcome to zoo negara. very typical photo take haha!
my ootd list 
top from stussy .juice kl.
skirt stylenanda .
hairband : from babe emily
shoes : times square
socks : tutuanne japan.
yay yay yay !! exciting anot?!! animalss!! elephants ehh!
why i look so kiddo here zzz...
not to forget, the admission fees to get into zoo negara is rm25 for malaysian on weekday.
for more information if you are not malaysian or u are going on weekend.
check their price list out !  here

and oh ya! the stupid rule...each map cost rm2 . so please learn me , take out ur phone or camera , captured it down. dont waste money on the paper which can be save one!
haha! our leng luis leaders! they will lead us to walk around the zoo yeapy!!

long limbs !

omg shinyi! ur type ehh!! hahahaha!!
we took photos once we step into the zoo hahaha!

trick to girls : take photo first when u arrive because u will never know how fugly u will be after u walked for long time ...the hair will be really suck so sticky, smelly! hahaha!
so we did ! hahaha! before our hair gone wild and suck!
too bad those cages never been clean :(
omg they are huge ! so HUGE  and so SMELLY !
I almost forget when is the last time i saw these animals...long time no see ! hello!
so HUGE! omg !
typical tourist photo take :) hehe!! that pattern gia keep playing pattern! grrr...
spotted her legs .! what else i can say ...T.T

see even the cow get mad of her legs size hahahaha!!
look so wild. hi mr moo!
biggest rat in the world :)
not so rat alike ...
i was so shock if they are died at first lol !
this is 马来貘 濒临绝种的动物之一。
this is really the first time i see them in real...so weird looking huh...
anyone tell me if they are still alive? they look deathly lying,..

to get these photos...haha...my posing to take pic lol...they all keep stop me cause..wearing skirt is not suitable to pose like this...i am sorry ><
my happy girls so happy haha! lol! wannna feed them anot orghh~~
漂亮的鹿角~ 总有一天一定要去德国国家公园看看那神圣的白鹿
the most pity animal in zoo ever...
guess what is this...

they are kangaroo...so skinny :(( sad for them :((

hi hi !

白鹭。 优美的站姿!
huge ant!

giraffes ! so tall so grace :))
ostrich ~

the not so BLACK & WHITE zebra :(
the most most most most pity animal in zoo ever !!
how skinny ?!! they look desperate :(

THEN coming up...another pity apes..

it looks so so so so so so sad ....

while they look EMO :(

for zoo negara management team : PLZ. take good care of them...PLZ!! they are lives too ! same as you management team, they have heartbeats and breath also ! please just...save them...any animals psychologist ?
haha! my crazy babe emily was trying to selca with the SPEC-ON apes haha!
out come is not bad what ?! hahaha!!

there are not much visitors on the day so we can capture as many as we like lol!! hahahaha!!

took a pic with the wall drawing before leave there...because...this was drawn by DAPHNE and chuckei them taylorian like...one year ago ?! haha!! loyal reader here !
 babe emily and baby shinyi aka sunny !
butterflies park! haha!
ashley why u wanna act so weird grr?!

this butterfly tinkerbell wanna be ! 
so matching color ehh!!
haha...weird but aiya watever larh!~

until here...my BLACKIE out of battery! ishh!! really hate this ! anyone tell me how to save the battery ? or must use the frame capture? i am so lazy always use lcd preview capture haha! or should just reformat?? idk duh idk! i wan nex-f3 :( or 650d !!
$ $ $ $ $

photos time!!
 elephant's ass lol!

 elephant's head. yeapy !

epic scene : elephant was almost trying to roll up the yellowish looking SUNNY because she looks like banana i think hahahahha!! then can rool her up put into mouth! yummy snack!
*lesson learnt. DONT wear yellow when u are going to watch the elephants hahahaha!! **

okay larh! here got elephant to take pic lol

haha so tired on the end of day until i can close my eyes when taking pic hahaha!!

before leaving, the most fun part!!!
feeding time !! not so sure if there are any program like this or we just lucky?
they passed us a plate of dead fishes then we threw them towards the bunches of big birds!!
so fun hahaha!! but hey, remember to wask your hand after feeding ! haha!!

 so much love and fun with them !
 without u guys i really no idea how to pass those shitty alone xmas !

 our failed instax haha!

and the success one !

before leaving :)
yours truly, babe ash,babe sunny and babe emily ~!

bumped into chatime for chit chat time and haha! we met the birdy albert !!

the monday co*ple ! haha

long time no see yo bro albert ! fast fast maintain your CGPA la! pheww!

chatime lover take 1

chatime lover take2

chatime lover take3 . photo bump by me haha!

advertising lol !
 group selca!!
ms pinkue's wide angle is nice haha! but photo quality...:X
prefer to use dslr !

my loves ♥

we all gotta go under diff states very soon ! all the best my babess!
let's go bangkok ! haha!!

lastly, selca of the day.
kicked off my 2013 and i am doing well now. still more to learn, more to know.
all the best everyone. ♥

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