29012012 january life story. =)

yeapy it's me again lol !
so happy off day again! i thought i can only blog like 4 times in a month but haha ! i made 5 this month !

was thinking to blog some very commercial stuff but duhh...i still prefer to be myself in blog

so ..it has been a month i am working in TOPSHOP mid valley  !
from the first day until now, i do really feel so glad to come in and know mua lovely colleagues.
one of the ootd.
dont really have the time to take out my phone and selca lol !
*wth the face is so damn big. !!! *
btw , i wanna buy a new phone grr!!

some vain photos lol !
photoshop i love you haha!!
gradient lips i love you  haha !!

hair is getting long...really doubtful what to do with it...i dont really think long hair will suit me..
just wanna get a hairstyle suite with me but not only about the length Zzz..

 love the lips color . very nice in real life! peripera lip stick is love !
beaded pump heel :)
 look innocent.
me ,sam , tomato 

super cute hobbit gang member Belinda ! <3 br="" chio="" cute="" is="" she="" so="" soo="" yet="">

and ma bestie colleague Charmaine!

still have many colleague i didnt manage to get pic :( aiks...
nvm, i will make a complete entry about WORK IN TOPSHOP ! like what i did for forever21 before :)

i am missing this girl!!

lol lol lol ..i found that i feel strange to blog ardy because...all my sentences without any linking relation lol

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    1. hahahaha!! sure ! wait me buy phone i wanna take more more more!