what can i do with SONY cybershot wx100 in my daily life ?

the MUST have item in bag !
1) purse for sure .
2) handphone
3) camera !

yup! here are the top 3 MUST bring item that ppl told me from their experience.
SEE how important camera is !!

seriously, i always wanna bring my camera along with me like 24 hours everyday!
but u know what ...my Canon 550d is damn heavy for me (or i should say for every girl)
LOOK ! i look like a farmer doing some hard work . lol

yeah. i could feel my neck was so tired bringing this for whole day long.sigh.
i am not a buffalo, so i no nid such a thick rounded muscular neck ~ nahhh!~~

END up, i missed a lot of precious momment in my daily life !#regretful 

#1  captured + recorded = life.

it is very fun to read back those previous post and photo :)
what a stupid funny innocent action.

#2 .tutorial
i always wanted to make lots of tutorial like ..how to diy a gradient , studded denim item....etc.
but i found that , i couldn't make it because i have only one hand to make all the stuff when i need to hold the damn heavy DSLR.
even though i had tripod, it is hard to adjust the focus point, the right angle in the same time doing the tutorial.

so , i can only make it by using phone ...phone is lighter always ...

#3 shooting products .
camera is superb important for me to shoot my product ~

blingee is my passionate.
i always want to captured down all the shining shining moment !~

4# outting with friends ~
i am trying my best to have more outing with them ~ with the SONY cyber shot wx100 which has only 108g with 17.5mm thickness i can take more photos with them whenever and wherever we are !
attended international relation prom night 2011 ,held at mutiara complex off jln ipoh.

it was a mask theme prom night party.

outing with babe ASHley! <3
u look so funny in that frustrating face. teehhee!!

 gang trip to pulau pangkor. november 2011
 say yoohooo to the sea !! peace.

#5  FOOD fever !
oh gosh ! i had a nick name ----dinosaur ----  i can eat for 5 meals a day . sometimes i eat 3 bowls of rice at home .

u can know how tasty is it through my expression.

 oh no.. i am so hungry while look at these...
i felt very happy when i captured those food well ! haha !

EVEN my sweetie manchee got shocked while i finished a nasi lemak, chee cheong fun and a bowl of hor fun at school.  0.0 #giggle...

#6 captured those beautiful view !

looking at the beautiful view, all of my stress will be disappear !
photos above all taken by phone. with #fxcamera apps
i can take more more more nice photo with SONY cyber shot wx100 .because ...
it has wide angle as wide as 10x 25 -250 mm

10 optical zoom and 20 clear image zoom.

#7 precious moment with mua family !
family are always my priority.they will never leave me behind. they always love me without asking for anything. they forgive me always whenever i did wrong.

korea trip.

cny 2012 . bro, mum and me ~

bro, dad and me cny 2011 .

*i found that we seldom take family photo ! probably i can do it next time with new world’s smallest and lightest cameras in its class----sony cyber shot wx100

#8 sharing stuffs i bought

nail tips i made when i was 16' quite successful i think ?!

foods bought at korea . fav country ~

nerdy look round leopard print spec@kenanga city mall

fav daisy bag acce from disney japan~

#9 SELCA ever ! SELCA stand for self camera .
with sony cyber shot wx100 , i can make more selca with CMOS sensor for more clarity in low-light conditions, as well as enhanced Optical SteadyShot for blur-free shots.

bright smile . with my white teeth .lol

even super cold also wanna selca -.-

those immature previous moment.

selca in car .

selca in the toilet .lol ...
i cant imagine how crazy i was ...
those memories in photo always make me felt so shame yet fool . but still enjoyed it .

always feel like wanna have a rhinoplasty !
sponsor me plz *blinking eyes *

SONY cyber shot wx100 with 9 different effect !
watch the video below !

#10  outfit of the day like must !
i am so addict to fashion recently !

omg ! i cant believe that camera do really influence my daily life soo much!!
looking forward to get this camera so i can put my heavy dslr behind (felt guilty to it ...blushing)

it is in PINK  too ! well, i am not a pink maniac ...
i prefer the black silver one ! so cool right haha !

i am joining SONY Cyber-shot Blogger Festival and Contest 2012 by Youth.Jam
hope i can get a new free compact camera soon so that i can takes more photos !~
join it now <3

you sincerely,

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  1. wow! amazing shopping in Korea, huh? so many stuff!

  2. haha~ korea is anice place :) but those shirts are quite expensive ...:(