01072012 oh ! it is july !

busy texting ! omg it is JULY ardy! 

first day of july, spent my day with classmates.

i beg u cant see me at all...
well , i admit that i am always the invisible person in gang ...sad case.

while they are busying do the malay presentation, i were skipped and bought vivi msia !!

i though it will be in bahasa malaysia at first ~ (cawaii is in bm version one :( )
i am not talking about bahasa malaysia is not nice, but i prefer to read english magazine so that i could improve my english <3

so excited to saw there were so many fashionista and lots of recommend place to go in VIVI
and so do ! my fav blogger chuckei baby jane and cheeser on it .
it make me feel so excited and feel like wanna grab everything i like from the pages .

*****but ! aiyar~ no money larh! i am broken now ! i wanna save the money up leh! *****

end up , i am now bloging and my friends are doing bookkeeping -.-
it make me feel guilty.


i do really feel quite happy with them :)
although sometimes i felt like abandoned from them too larh...
sigh. i am too invisible.

btw, i made a new friend with a blogger :)
average angeline .
^ refer to the blog link at the left hand side

her blog is full with the information about freebies !
i like it soooo muchhh!!
who dont like FREE?! especially those person like me who always hope to get free stuff lol .#kiamsiap.

being friend with ppl who like the same stuff with me is so much fun!!
i starting found why ppl be a blogger.

vote me in adidas original entry plz ~

*i put the pic biggest because i want you all saw it~ muahaha!
click here to vote me :)
thank you sooooo much for the help

my lovely customer from belated-duo do really treat me so nice ..<3 i am starting in love with my new occupation other than blogger, student, owner of bling-concept . it is owner of belated-duo !

fashion become my drug recently....i felt like gonna bankrupt to buy alll those clothes !
but feeling good if bankrupt in this way .
crazy huh?!

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