13072012 MAGGI freebies

ppl said that today is BLACK FRIDAY.
well, it is totally opposite meaning to me..
not a VERY lucky day but at least not 'black'

got maggi's freebies today:)
it is my very first time get so special item from MAGGI :) 
 it is my honor to try it out before it hit the store

btw , school life was so damn busy recently .exams,tests,homework presentation and so much more.
i didnt really study my exams.
regret. and guilty.
and so do the homework.sigh

tomorrow gonna yumcha with babe ASH ! cant wait for it !
and weekend going for undang test.(thinking about what i should wear ..)

okie. end here. cheat update.
drag my lazy butt to table, write my mandarin composition.
tmr gonna get my lovely galaxy print legging <3 ROMWE warehouse!

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