21072012 outing with babe ash!

here is an outing post with babe ash before i forget to update :)
stayed a night at babe ash's house last week! --the reason is i wanna cook maggi at her house lol--

once i arrived her house,omg!
her mum just straight away treated me with chocolates from CANADA !
ILY ash's mama!

pastel color choco eggs inspired me about EASTER!

i like the taste <3

 fav studded necklace by ASOS
 some new in accessories ~
took them while we are chilling lol ><
 frustrating because i kept my eyes on camera lol..
paiseh paiseh
 brought three bags although i oni stay there a night .lol

 sailormoon sticker in cupboard! cute right ?

 #murua tattoo sticker :) we did same design :)
 mine on leg. just ignore the hairs lol
 i like to capture the sunlight ! especially the first light came into room<3

 selca before outing :)
dont you think the hair style is too lame ?
so i made her a new hairstyle!
 a lil rock style :)
 twist hairs into two part, clipped them behind

 and done ! easy right ?!
 teeheee :))
 the sexiest tattoo ! haha!
done the styling and make up :) 

 brought my summer bag out :)
love the easy matching transparent bag <3
 we made new record ! yeahoooo!!

we went SONY center at MID VALLEY  to try out the new NEX-F3 !
 omg ! i love the camera sooooo much !
why u dont come out earlier ? then i will bring you back !

 i like it's 180' turning LCD !
sooo suitable for me !
 i wannttt you baby :(
but i am bankrupted now :(
anyone wanna buy my 550d ?!
 so much love !!

***fml i took some photo at there to participate a contest but end up i found that the staff there didnt upload the photos. i fainted. haiz...the pics so nice i tell you !***

went FOREVER21 :)
omg ! f21 branch at mid valley is fantastic !
look at these pastel orangish pink heels! so nicce!!

 and so do florals <3
spotted floral oxford at lower rack? omg my muse!
#EMODA alike monotone is love <3! 

 first try for OCHADO  :)
not bad thou

 out lunch of the day  :)
bibimbap :)

outfit of the day :)
top by MURUA, floral bottom no brand, shoes from times square bag from my shop (belated-duo)

well, quite disappointed on that day because we planned to have a hair treatment @number76 but i forgot to make appointment T.T
they were fully booked while we arrived :(

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