23072012 new MAGGI !

'aiyorr..heavy rain outside..so lazy go out haunt for foods..'
---'nvm, we cook MAGGI mee! ' ---

i beg this conversation is not that strange for malaysian :)
MAGGI is the most famous instant noodle in malaysia, no one will never ate it ~

i still remember that i am so happy when mum cooked MAGGI mee!
it is delicious and easy prepared !~
(suit for lazy ppl like me ...lol )

and NOW, 
MAGGI  is even more healthy with added nutrition!
well, i am glad that i got the sample pack of new MAGGI before it hit the stores :)
thank you MAGGI ~ thank you NESTLE

today, i am here to share with you about new MAGGI !
new packaging. more attractive i guess?

the mee ~ (the noodle)
it is bigger than the previous version!
seriously, i was surprised with the size when i get it.

and babe ash (who cooked this for me said that new MAGGI is even more thick and chewable)
means it is 'tuai tuai' haha.!

bawang goreng, ketchup, oil, and a curry flavoring
put them on the plate first :)
secondly , put the dried noodle into the boiled water :)
boiling boiling
it turned out like this :)
cute cute neh!
stir it with the flavoring we put on plate before.

taddaaa! not so bad right ?!
(sorry for the blurred photos..)
taddaaa! put the bawang goreng and some scallion ~
(simple yet nice !)
see ! within 30 minutes we can have our simple delicious brunch ardy!
convenience right?!

I swear that new MAGGI will be my best partner ever soon cause i will be sitting for SUEC soon.
definitely my supper will be NEW MAGGI! haha!

tadaa ! happy girls enjoyed their brunch !
***we had  a pillow talk night before, too tired to wake in early morning so dont blame us for having such a fugly face ***
sigh sigh sigh !

okie, that's all for today ~

bloggers of the day
me and mua babe ASHLEY ! <3

pray for all .

next post is our girls' day out!

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