15072012 DOPE SHIT

#ootd #today's coordinate.

loose top- from my brother.
vest - no brand .
legging - some wear over the rainbow 
sneaker - converse X commes de garcon

hype me at here !

what a lovely sunday :)
woke up in the early morning , went for my  road law test.

but it was not my day, i phailed it .
so i retake it .
such an embarrassing ><

well, i did it at last .43/50 .qualified.

i passed my P.E test yesterday ! omg ! i cant believe that ! i ran 3 1/2 rounds my school without tired and muscle pain.how amazing!
(it should be 4 rounds but someone told me it was just a practice so end up i used shortcut lol)

and something make me surprise !:D 
 i got some helps from classmates while doing the the 'poster board' in class!
i admit that i am one of those can only talk/express myself well via blog/twitter...i am so hesitate to know new friends...their helps did really surprised me :P
thanks for helps!~ #sincerely.
***gonna post how the poster board look like soon ^^  ***

SUEC is round the corner, but i am so lazy to bother it .
GOD! help me plz! knock me up!

here are some promotion update.

not to forget !today 0.00am Air Asia best ever sales !

**considering to go bangkok or hong kong or guangzhou first..**
well, hope i will manage to get something this midnight.

MCD  foldover BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion!
okey, i must highlight the BUY I FREE 1 bigger. lol
from 11am-4am :)

gonna hang out with friends at MCD ! haha!

okie, i am going to help my mum cook the MAGGI :) 
(well, i am the one in charge of taking pictures only)

end here ~ have a nice day !

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  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog, admire your art work and determination. At such young as , younger than me =( you are able to own your online shop , two of them =( envy, hmmm, recently saw that you'r into forex, may i know how did you started? mind sharing some experience? I'm into forex but i don't know where to start =(

    1. hi, missy~ thank you for reading my blog :)
      i did work hard before too :( (even now i am still hard working like a buffaloes)

      i started into forex recently too.(well, just demo account)
      my brother told how it work, and i didnt really learnt skill..just simply buy and sell those chips><

  2. Hey there, totally love your outfit, I'm a galaxy fan too :)


    1. thank you sweetie :)
      happy to know u like my outfit <3

      i am selling some galaxy item at my webshop too~ feel free to drop by ya :)

    2. Hello thanks for dropping by my blog :) Belated duo is your shop? Ohh I'm inlove with your items, add me on facebook aites? We shall talk more! My name is Carolyn Tay :D

    3. welcome ~ ur galaxy vans did really catch my eyes<3
      yes it is my shop :)
      do you have twitter? more convenience :)