14072012 summer bag.CELINE inspired dumpy bag

[REVIEW POST] belated-duo .CELINE inspired dumpy transparent summer bag.
---belated-duo is my shop which i am selling stuffs i like . sort of sharing :)---
this post is based on customer's request. enjoy it :)

was fall in love with this bag at the first sight.
the refreshing sea blue with milky white.
made me think a bout beach !

plus , the design which inspired by CELINE luggage phantom did really cute!

well, it just a PU+PVC made bag, hardly to be a perfect one.
what made me shock is the braid-looked like fringe , nice one !

transparent summer LOVE .

you can just simply put your stuffs inside <3 !
rounded oxford spec is my drug recently .

but if you refuse to allow people look through ur stuff (or maybe ur private item)
u can put it in the inner bag which come along.

silk look-like inner bag in quite a GOOD quality <3

a cardboard inside, so than it can loads more stuff without changing its shape.

inner pockets 

after put the inner bag inside !

here are photos for bags. MIX and MATCH coming soon ~ gonna make it as my whole summer bag !
(although malaysia was like 365 summer! )
super easy going bag <3

before ended my post,
here is my new in stuff <3

tomorrow gonna wear for my undang test :)
god bless me wont phail plz !

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