22062012 RUDE is me.a lil guilty.


 society i joined is busying for the performance they will held on next friday. well, i quit from performance due to the DUDE attitude person in the society. 
 i was so revolt if i will regret about it soon? but i was so sure that i wont ,when they requested the me to stay after school without an early inform. HEY, the person who fetch me home is my MOM! but not the driver !

ask my mum to change the time to fetch me back once u request me to stay?!

more than this, the DUDE did really threat me like i am garbage -.-....i admit that i am not that pro in dancing, but could you stop acting like u your the most pro one?

dont under estimate anyone before you really know them.
w*f .

after lots of compliment, i started to hate the society ...
the president was just followed the DUDE's instructions,like a walking zombie ..
and the one who in charge to follow up the ticket's money keep told others that she called me a lot to inform to attend dunno what assembly.###well, i dint saw any call from her###

after all, i finally attend their assembly today ..
and i did rude to them...talk in a bad way, attitude like the DUDE.
started to feel guilty ...sigh
why i would be so easy lost of temper ??urghhh....

i was not so surprised if they hate me now ~
lol. whatever. there are only one month to go to stay at this society ardy . 

writing a bussiness proposal did really drive me mad !

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