19062012 awaiting

awaiting for the dawn ,evening and night .

had been in troubles these days.
but i couldnt blame anyone else.
the person who make me in troubles is me.

i used to hope i have a truth friend.
18years. i just got only one.
i missed her so much these days.
i would like to stick all around with her whole day just for the pillow talk, gossip ..etc
ashley woon...i do really missed the time get chit chat together like no others.
and those time we get mad then shouted on each other.

in the other hand,
been abandoned these days. or i should say it is in my prediction?
she is that kind of girl.what i think at the first sight is truth.
so i bear with it .
sorry that i am now useless to you .
your tears are cheap to me.

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