21062012 waiting for approval


lost my mind for whole day.
without any reason.
life aimlessly at school seems like ardy be a part of me.
UEC is around the corner. i should put the exams first .

well, seriously i dont think i could do that .LOL

requested for a lot of stuff these days.
it seems like, i step out my steps to my dream.
it is amazing.

there will be a lot of changes waiting for me .
sis gonna away from home, she will be in a better carrer,
i will not able to have pillow talk with her anymore
i will not able to argue, fight with her anymore.
and so do , we cant bully and hated each other anymore.

an enterprise under my name at 18' .
dont it sounds cool?
--well, i know it is uneasy .but i will do my really best. it is my dream .so yeah...--

dad wasnt surprised when i told him, i was applying for that.
thanks dad. i unable to walk till now without you
i love u very very very much

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