16062012 what do you think about plastic surgery ?

my title is common yet interesting i think ?

the most common word when ppl saw those beautiful girl or guy on TV -.-
yay....all of them said like :"aiya, no nid to admire about that. they are just plastic barbie "

and some more, i always get a lot of objection comment from friends about plastic surgery.
like....they are ANTI-plastic surgery.

further more, they anti, hate and said some rude words to those 'plastic barbie'

but, did you realize that PLASTIC SURGERY is not a fault?
it just like a combination of art and medical science

okie, i admit that some of them said that plastic surgery had broke the natural rule.
yes, it is true.
it means , the entire of ur body, included the hairs all of them belongs to ur parents.
they born you , they gave u everything.


she was pop up rapidly last year after she had been chosen as the ambassador of a plastic surgeon.
(she posted all the photo about her journey to korea for plastic surgery)
journey for p.surgery
click in if u manage to look at those bloody pictures.

she debut as miss Kuantan years ago.
i am not sure about her past, but i started to admire her since 2011
when i saw her brave to let everyone knew that, she is PLASTIC BARBIE .

she never denied about her surgery.

she didnt take any CENT from his husband after divorced and !

she moving out to a new mini apartment by herself.

she open her own shop at PAVILION although she was having a tough period

her career, her ability, the way she her true self,

it make ppl felt proud of her.

------i super agree the words she said before, it means around like this-----
'i spent my own money , which hardly earn by myself, i bear the painful of surgery by myself, i never hurt anyone to get my surgery, i just want to make myself prettier ! everyone wants to be prettier! u cant deny it right ? so what's wrong if i had the plastic surgery ? '

yay....she is my type ! i mean, i like her personality.
so so so much.

she totally changed my mind about plastic surgery .

hey, it is 21-century,man!
an injection just like a facial service at others country!

what so you think about plastic surgery ?

next coming up post will be a tutorial . :)
thanks for reading my mumble post !


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