simply post about outing to KENANGA city mall ytd.
bro wanna take a look if there are any stuff he interested and maybe can start a business by take some stock from there .

but at last, we didnt figure out any worthy stuff there except for a spec shop .
kind of disappointed :(

visited CHATIME due to the thristy ..
surprisingly, i visited the worst ever chatime branch i think.

check it out.
the messy table.
(okie, i must tell myself that this is acceptable since chatime is self service one.)
but, the situation really make people felt annoying..doesnt it ?

and yet,
the dirty messy floor.

do really hope the can do something to cope this .
(sorry to the mr. that i captured him in accidentally.)

outfit of the day.

acce. of the day.
hippie ?
bought my very first leopard print spec ~

look nerd . yeah :)
ignore the tired eyes.

holiday gonna end.
tons of work still waiting for me.
helpless .specless.

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  1. waaaaaa go there tak de find me DD:

  2. haha~~ it just a ....malay place...
    we go better place :) !

  3. hahaha no lak i work there sia =0=

  4. yeap ;)) from jan until now sia :0

  5. opps...sorry..i dont know that ..><
    if got there again i go find u yamcha <3