new stuff...^^


i am sharing some cute n worth thing i bought at KOREA.

1st thing bought at INCHEON AIRPORT is ----BANANA MILK .
this is one of the product introduce by VIVI magazine,other blogger.

SNSD is their ambassador

beside this,we gott.....
ya, i love korea's snack ..

doesnt like M'SIA one,most of korea snack is sweeettt~~less ajinomoto。
the taste is kinda natural.

well,i had introduce part of them in PAST POST.
now i wanna show u some more..

walmae BEER...from my sis---evonne(cause the beer's name is same with mummy's name)

snack!~look like ROCKY.

hollow center..

HOO~~i like this i like this..
choc snack?

erm..doesnt full with choc got a lil bit cereal inside,taste like 黑糖。
gosh..i dunno how to describe..

it look like---shiit...(brother said)

but really DELICIOUS!~~

XYLNOSU milk mint..

yummy...i make my mouth so fresh after ate...
it also suitable for elder ...cause it is SUGARLESS!~~

cute design the HAMBURGER..>< href="">
strawberry white choclate!~
whoa..i am fully fall in love with this!~~
so special taste with the strawberry..

cost rm2.00++ per ....there are only 5pcs in a box..rm10.50 per box==

chessnut choclate.

it taste kinda sweet..

CHILI choc~~

can u imagine it?
haha~ is really ....HOT.

this is not a joke.
chili choclate is really able.

taste kinda special..
i would like to taste it again.

and here are some CHEWING GUM with the pretty nice packaging!
the taste is perfectly tasty!~

ginseng from korea..

times to share some cosmetics.><


M'SIA etude house sell it at RM60++

i love this bb cream totally..
how to say?

just like the effect after apply.

not like my EX-BB ...skXn79 dreamgirl bb cream.
i had threw away that ...although skxn79 's smell nice.

toally WORTH.


take like this and put on your pouch..the round one is for your T-ZONE.

this is more suitable for elder.
but i use it~~

cause i bought it mah..

cost 20000won=rm60
i saw mummy look like be loath to part. so we share it... i paid 10000won, mummy 10000won. fair.

petitee too~~

this is what i said in ex-post.

the sales girl introduce this to us.

after use, we totally give 80% to this product(me, mum and sis)**also the GOLD patch.
the pouch is really felt like lifting-up.

and it could moisture the eye-area...(as korea's weather is really dry)

nice product.

still got parts of the product i dint type all of them...cause part of them i haven try.

after the food n cosmetic..
some cute thing we bought.

the spoon and chopstick

chopstick at korea is flat.
tats why it is special for me..

i cant eat as well there because of chopstick.
the food i took DROP n DROP.>< href="">
one of my favourite ring bought from korea.
cost 6000won=rm18

it look so cute!~~

i wore it go to TS last week.
so many shop's staff is looking on it==
it make me feel so .....................

dunno how to say.@@

dont get shock when see this..

this is a sock。

although we dont have winter in M'SIA,
but it also will be so cold when rain.

yup, my leg will becoming cool when rain ...because i keep sitting on the floor do some DECO work.

i look cute,so i bought.


i wanna share with you..


ignore the pimple and my pale face==

but i got so many problem with this DECEMBER...

problem.leave me away ,plz.

show you parts of latest work as your present !!~~haha.

dont forget, like my page at facebook ya??

SEARCH -----bling concept!~~
thanks you all!~~

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