casual outgoing!~~

this is EX-OUTGOING post..

since i am tooooo busy,i delayed this..

the isetan paper bag look alike my shirt==

OH YA!~without make up today is BEST!!
i m so so so lazy to remove make up n also wearing lens is tires as i dint sleep as well yesterday..

sista outfit

ha ha..we are falling in love with 格纹~~

RETRO huh?

chatime caramel milk tea..

the taste..
how to say ..

totally nice.
but i think if share with sista is better...cause the sweet taste make me feel like my tongue cant feel other taste except SWEET ...

and sista PEARL MILK TEA is nice!

then ...
my dreamy SHIMINO!!

URGHH...i look dude@@

this is what happen without LENS!~ xoxo..

after these..we go buy STICKY..
(the hand made sweetie!)

erm..i lost part of the pic..

the cake i saw opposite STICKY

look so dreamy!~~

best design!~~bling bling cake!~

tomorrow will have a OUTGOING with manchee!~~
so happy...idk why..just very excited!~

dont forget out theme ya----SWEETIE WINTER~

busying with manyyyyyy customize hp case order!!
arghh...stay tuned my new work ya!~

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