30122010-EM outgoing

opps...it almost 2011 ardy...scary...but exciting!

long time dint chit chat with my MAN liao ..
so we go shooping together today!~

sista JAZZ fetch me again,then put me at PAV wait for MAN..

let me show you guys my super big face...@@

dint sleep as well yesterday...ishhh...i hate the flat nose!

i wait her at SNOWFLAKE..^^ truthly i never try SNOWFLAKE before...


erm..this special...i never seem before...okie,i now i am super outdated.(=*0*=)

i like the taroball most!!~~(idk is toroball or taroball...)

tik tak tik tak ...the time is passing away,she haven reach..

the Q is starting become longgggg..

since i had wait for 3 hours, i start draw...
ishh...almost half year dint drawing ardy..


macam yes o ?haha..

say yes

the beauty is preparing kissing you!

after waiting waiting wating n waiting,i m becoming crazy..

i know this monster is ugly..

after i finish this fugly monster,finally MAN appear..

then we walk around without AIM..
walk around blind

it is 3.30pm liao...surely we need to take the lunch!
but we are in hurry cause our MOVIE will start on 4.00pm ..

so it just 30minute for us..
ate some CHEEEEEZYYY bun!~

the loaf..
U hu!hu!
let say CHEESE!

yup,i like cheese!

buns we bought ..
i am so hungry till forget to take the super delicious buns pic..

thumb up this bakery!

tons of CHEESE inside the bun!not kidding!
your mouth will be full with cheese when you bite it!

...♥♥♥♥♥.... love cheese?must try!

oh ya! the price is resonable too if compare with KING'S
in mandarin,we say物有所值。

i apply the member card yesterday...cause i know,i will always buy the cheesy bun there in future


comment: dont waste the money watch this movie..suck movie..

i almost sleep u know?
waste the money sleep at cinema?no good... own bed is better..

after movie...CHATIME!

slef-capture is the best activity cwhile waiting...^^
i need a higher nose..

mano smoothie is MAN one, roasted milk tes is mine!

who is MAN ?
teeehheee...not a boy,
she is...


1,2,3 ...start!~~

drinking competition?
erm no...just acting!

x'mas tree...omg...i miss 2010 x'mas..
i m working that day..


outfit today

erm...i need to improve my capture skill...sorry..

i m acting like very cold==

this is better...natural is best.

LUNCH at pepper lunch..

peeper chicken rice---RM12.80 with soup

HOW TO EAT? got skill ~~

first,mix all the ingredients cause there are margarine inside ..

then,put the sauce(stir it first.)

then put in

erm...whole spoon is over salt, less is better.

mix again~

then u can put more pepper or salt if u think there are not enough~

i likw pepper, so i added~~

*lolx..flash light pulak

THEN u can start eat it!
uhm...yummy too~~

oh ya!
the soup...idk this call what soup..got onion inside..
i hate onion except those in spaghetti

around 9.00pm..we leave there and came back home~~
tehhee...thanks MAN's mummy fetch me back..

ishh...wait we get the car, we go there again in night!

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