Gals RETRO's outgoing

had a DAY-OUT with sis and mum yesterday!~~

our destination---SURIA KLCC

this is my first time come here with sis n mum for shopping~~

i came here only for books before ..
conclusion is, here is kinda strange for me..==

sis is always my driver!~~haha
wait me get the license, i will fetch you ,DONT WORRY

lunch at SAKAE SUSHI...(my hand look so fat huh?)

Chawanmushi is must.

mine one!~~

sista- JAZZ

mummy ~~~

my Udon noodle set ~~with tempura...


after fill up our stomach,LETS GO SHOPPING!~
we walk around there~till we enter COACH ..

sista is choosing ,choosing ,choosing then in dilemma...

then i turn UNPATIENT..

btw, the sofa there is so comfortable!

accidently capture by ME!

the high heel always make GALS LOVE n HATE.
behind the beautiful high-heel, u can see a gals foot is relaxing without the high-heel.

it is taking BREATHE.

took at ISETAN.

i spot a SEMBONIA bag, which is suit to be my school bag ,
but dint bought at last, cause i had met the other fav DENIM bag at other place before..

light blue denim pants X retro khaki belt.

there is a short top here,i dun wan expose my belly button,
so i wore a waist inside.

nacklace get at KOREA, rm9!!

pic in toilet ..><
hey hey hey ...why u grab my hat huh ??

girls behind the scene .


found this in ISETAN . theme is RETRO ~
accidently it suit me!

call me MISS RETRO !

we go PAVILION before back .
get a cup of CHATIME MILK TEA.
unfortunately their pearl is being cook,so we miss the chance try the pearl milk tea~

i cant found the SHIMONO !!>< disappointed...anyone can tell me is it closed??


my name is

GAL n ANGEL (GNA) vs MEivin


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  1. thanks a lot~~

    u wanna be a flight attendant too?
    my sis also trained, and now is interviewing it..^^

    good luck~