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I add a LOOKBOOK.NU in my blog,
have u seen?

it is WINTER now!~

this is the CHINA famous online model-----qkxlj呛口小辣椒 fitting in the winter

snow on the tree....

and some of her outfit in this autumn~~

the summer .

QKXLJ is twins which super famous in CHONGQING,CHINA.

behind this,
i save a lot of nice outfit in my pendrive~

BUT i wanna share with u some nice outfit from LOOKBOOK today!

i like this so much!! simple and nice~~

the coat so cute!

suitable to M'SIA too?


some nude colour make u look so friendly too~

here are parts of the nice fitting~~
if u are lacking what should be wear and buy,

MUST visit here to get some IDEA~

*****i dint get paid from this website, i just share with you I LIKE IT******

share with you guys/gals my latest work
nokia 6120

i am sorry about this...i think it got a lil bit not perfect in the front..><

i am watching THAI'S love stiry movie now---你好,陌生人
the movie took at KOREA!

the movie is so funny=^-^=

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