...finally,i choose the maxis broadband..


i had 1 week dint on9!!

all my work had mess...

at shop,got 6 message,8 comment on product,2 comment on shop.
also 6-8question about nail art wanna ask me..

then , i wanna email the wholesale price to my customer.
then,many parcel lagging now..


all of this is causes by tm streamyx!!

i had cal them to repair it on 2/5/2010
until now, they haven cum...they juz say ,'telefon rosak '

i really cant wait ardy..

so i go get the maxis broadband ..

erm...not bad too..

okok la~~

i dint 'po 'youtube.so it is not a big problem for me.

anyway, i m busying now..

because ..

i really dunt know were should i start to answer all my customer question..


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