1th jan 2010~my one day trip~~wif family!

reach lu~~morib de beach~

haha~~my new shirt..which is very casual and so free when wear it~~度假风长裙

hah~~pic take by me~~on the road going there

a big big big balai polis at kuala langat~~how they have so many money make a big balai polis a??

hoo~~big wind~~


my sis~~

so ugly pose ~

black black de mii~~

my bro which like shooting~~the camera is a lomo camera which call"golden half".it is so cute and easy to use~~i like this camera too!!i lurv lomo!

big wind~~很舒服的海风!


my sister

also she la.


at the草地

have u see a small cucumber like this before??
so cute!

a dragon ball kate with a sunny sky

walking back~

after leave the beach, we want to go 东禅寺。but it close at 6pm o~~so..go home lo~
before go back,we go sunway~~

take it at the night park at sunway lagoon.

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