29062013 father's day @ cafe Taka (purple burger)

thought of the title for quite a long time lol !

this is a late father's day celebration post because i have thought that these pic are actually quite failed as i used manual focus to shoot foods =(
anyhow, still wanna blog about it lol !

decided to bring dad and mum hunt for burger since it is so in trend now hahahaha!
and it is quite a long time since dad and mum shop in the busy city at night
*they used to date when they was young but now no more*
parents sacrificed A LOT !!

went CAFE TAKA for purple burger ~
it is a japanese restaurant actually ...

can't really recall all names of the dishes because those name so incredibly LONG .
in japanese !
 cheesy wedges 
 smoked grilled chicken pasta

thumb this up ! this is tasty thoughhh ~~
like the ascent of smoked grilled chicken hehe !~
 teriyaki chicken burger .
*noticed the burger in purple color ? *

it is more juicy than i thought !
 tamago dunno what pasta lol !
it is a half raw egg actually looking great taste a lil creamy

tempura yaki burger
i was so excited for this ! look at the tempura hahaha!!
crazy tempura prawn lover here *wave hands *

roasted duck pasta recommended by a friend who tried this before ~
 love the really ascent of dried chili
dad said he likes this ! XD

tamago dunno what thin crust pizza ~

 busy mama non-stop capture food and share on WECHAT.
she is so addict to wechat lately !!
my BEST man =)
unfortunately, he is took by mama .
tell me where to find another best man like PAPA ? hahahah~~

 look, i told mum is so addict to selca recently ...
*i am lose ! * 
 aiyer yer sweet hahahaha!~~ 

pity younger brother forced to act with doraemon hahaha!~~

family photo !~
without sis because she was not in malaysia ~

thought of the day :
big thanks to dad who working hard for our family
swear i am going to earn for you too! ~
thanks for everything in my life.
you never leave me alone . LOVE .

dad is sick now. thanks to the haze and horrible hot weather lately .
told him to drink more more more water but he didnt do it .aiks
degil dad ....

must drink more water from now on kay!
love, xo xo

thanks for reading .
quite moodless post idk why =(

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  1. The purple burger looks cute! But I think the pizza looks nicest, I don't mind to go there and try it :D
    Hehe your parents looks so cute selca xD

    1. the pizza taste not bad seriously hahaha~ just the price range a lil bit high ~
      hehe thanks they are happy to here that <3 !

  2. Ochado new member card label wif Doraemon...
    I wan it!!! >~~<

    But i didnt get it...sad T__T

    1. u like ochado so muchh ??
      nvm after u go taiwan u will realize malaysia milk tea just lousy haha!

    2. bukan ochada la...
      juz luv doraemon only ~
      hiak hiak xDD