05062013 Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt hotel

oh yay!
done with pics i am soo happyy !!
finally visited Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt hotel last Saturday to fix OUR craves
woohoooo*flying kisses*

this is actually the 2nd round right after the visit to FATBOY the burger bar  !
yea , got some sweetness overdose right after the heavy loaded burgers haha!

so do, fix our over narcissism first lol!

yea having double chin right after FOODS *smacking head*

double ootd

country yet futuristic interior
 must thumb up their service! super friendly and professional ! 
the icon and shopping heaven in kl city - KLCC
just right in front of us!

hi gorgeous twins tower =)
*bet it will be much more breathtaking in night....*

 depth shot for phone while waiting !

pretty babe Emily with overexposed KLCC. #.#
mineral water to avoid sweetness overloaded !
but this mineral is a bit....haha...yea, mineral water from Italy or somewhere sounds very high class lol
i was innocent about this BEST water of the world
i thought first place was AVIAN !

lesson learnt : mineral water can be amazingly pricey sometimes =.=

here comes FOOD!

1) Straight from the oven chocolate cake  (rm25)
( with raspberry sorbet, vanilla anglaise )

ranking for this : 5/5 !
(maybe more than this !)

this is definitely the BEST !

 *funny scene looking at stunning vanilla anglaise*

wondering what brand of sorbet they are using ! this is absolutely conquered my taste buds.
their are amazingly MELTED once put into the mouth with a VERY SMOOTH texture like made from fresh squeezed raspberries juices!
with a touch of crispy crumbles, it taste HEAVENLY!

hehe our pretty Jane aka shark.J !
got sweetness overloaded anot!

the out layer is freshly baked and crispy ! while the inner layer is really SOFT .

chocolate BOMB!

the chocolate inside is really wonderfully match up the cake because the cake is not really sweet but once it met the chocolate inside, -----tuuuuuuu-------
( how to describe ? how to describe the superb marvelous taste ?! jesus, tell me...)
the crispy outer layer + soft texture cake + hot melting chocolate + vanilla anglaise
= 100%

2) Thirty8 Signature cake(rm25)
yea this is famous enough for it's pretty looking. how could we miss this out?

just like a castle in mist

sorry for blurred out.
my blackie (canon 550d) is too nervous to meet this pretty dish maybe haha!


thanks to the dry ice swirling inside,it looks really mysterious !

the hot butterscotch melting the top layer of chocolate and just spill out like a waterfall indeed a CHIO dish

it is actually not a cake texture inside but something like mousse to me .
did some research and they said it is joconde.not as soft as mousse but not as fluffy as cake! in between of them.

*cheese* ! ^^

*ignore the super messy hair*

rank for this : 4/5
this is TOO SWEET . the butterscotch it too sweet !
but the banana sorbet taste nice hahahaha!make me thinking of Juicework !
wondering how can they make the sorbet soooooooooo soft!
overall, GOOD LOOKING dessert

3) Mango pudding , mango sorbet ,almond tuile(rm18)

this is so pity we left it aside lol ...
still prefer Hui Lau San as for mango dessert :D
best ever.

 rank for this : 3/5 
the sorbet is so tasty no offend !
 (they should sell the sorbet i would like to bring it home and stuck my mouth full with it !)
however , texture of pudding not really satisfied
the pudding is not as soft as what i expected.

some chill out session for girls!
*non-stop chitchat*
 blurred out haha!
 this is " pretty girl showing off nice hair and nice skin with a photobomb by urs truly"  lol
awww babe emily looks really goddess here!!~~

 lastly, PEACE !

and bye hahahah!!
thanks for reading :D

Thirty8 Restaurant and Lounge
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur,
12 Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2182-1234

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