04062013 Fatboy's The burger bar @ Publika,Solaris Dutamas

YOLO peeps!!
it is JUNE nao! wow! time flies ....
(6 months to go and 2013 comes to an end....holy...i haven't done anything...sob sob)

except one thing,
manage to meet up my long-time-no-see friends !~
woohoo!! *big hug*

went FATBOY's burger bar to grab our lunch wahahaha!
what the heavy brunch for me lol !
Fat Boy's
The Burger Bar
Lot No 30, Level G2,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur


BURGERs hunter -guoyi
with his signature wide smile *cheeseeee*

BURGERs hunter the 2nd!  -Albert

they both hunted loads burgers lol !!
and forever #BOJIO hahaha!!

babe Emily & yours truly !

miss her so muchhh !
 finally craves fixed ahahaha! forever chatting non stop and over excite most of the time hehe!

happy bday !~~
 stay pretty and sweet♥ 

and our cutie Andrea & piggie lover Sharon
♥ ♥ ♥ really loonnngg time no see ~~
*yup,we shared our portion hehe! *
because it is too big for a person and by sharing, we able to try more choices yay!

it ta ta ki ma suu!

 REAL candid shot haha!
ok back to serious !

spot his cute woodstock tee!

here comes food porn.
*sorry for lousy angles lol i still daydreaming*
 Wimpy (rm19.00)- pork

overall, not that juicy as we thought, french fries just so-so.
but it stated as BEST-SELLING. play safe choice hahaha!~
personal opinion: not really sure if the main problem is the patty or what...just ...owhh so DRY .
 albert's Bushtucker (rm19.50) - beef

"why are those weeds on the burger? "
haha! burst out laugh lol lol lol
our burger hunter albert told that it is actually teaste nice :D
Jamaican Me Hungry (rm19) -pork

this was recommend by some bloggers as ONE of the best burger lol
in my opinion : not juicy, the salad on top taste weird.taste of patty lost.
their porl patty is actually made by 猪肉碎 and it doesnt juicy at all...
i expected prok suppose to be fresh pork slices ...
Mahalo (rm18.50) -pork

comment: SO-SO
not really sure that was juicy or oily lol !
but with a touch of pineapple slice...refreshing in a bit
still , not worth with price.

Holy Caesar (rm18) - chicken

this is the best of the day !
definitely will mark this up for next visit
 (not really sure if will have the next visit lol )

taste nice grilled chicken slice and much more juicy in compare with previous choices
(or maybe because this is chicken those are pork..)
thumbs this up.
forgot to talk about drinks...
price : 3/10 (pricey drinks .not worth)
taste : 4/10
 (for the orange juice lol not fresh made, made by those 'ready-to-drink' formula thinggy)

conclusion :SO-SO. 
price : 5/10 (rm157+ for 6 person .we shared dishes )
taste : 5/10 (below expextation)
location : 7/10(nice place to chill out, easy to find in mall)
but they are quite lack of seats
*do not put much expectation*

anyhow,still very happy met up with buddies and chatted a lotssss~~


selca guy hahaha!
not to forget about ootd shot haha! 
loving the bracelet ~ very feminine ~
this dress in actually kid's range hahaha!!

and did my first attempt to make boy's ootd lol

tell me i did good job hahaha!!
okay,that's all for today
editing next post photos !~~


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