16062013 what's is so special about Ionic Hair dryer

*just a random post after a relaxing bath and decided to take quick pic by using phone * 

i have been quite obsessed to hair dying after graduation .
besides marshmallow pastel hair color and super bleached hair color,
i prefer to get some normal dark bronze color maybe with just a lil color highlight on it
----the real reason is, i am so afraid on BLEACH! ----
especially when without BLEACHING, my hair is suck enough ardy !!

*did inner layer dye in RED last November *

basically it doesn't look obvious and faded super fast.
less than a week haha!

got three tones color before CNY of 2013

from Bronze to Red to Purple
*i dyed for 5 times. without bleaching*
same, fading fast. less than a week

and yea...changed hair color recently because the roots came out.
was thinking to just touch up my roots but the hair stylist shown me another neon cherry sorta color so YEA!
do it again!

first attempt to make highlights on fringe which is really so ZIPPER feel sorta in love BUT !
still, fading fast larh!

and the biggest problem i has been facing for a long time is...
hair turns our like GRASS, HAY perhaps.
 once it contacts WATER.
it even getting worse after blow dry.

did some research and i saw many ppl introducing SHARP plamacuster Nano hair dryer!
especially by the amazing CHEESERLAND and Number76 !!
but it cost rm399  for a hair dryer. =.=

after a round of researches and so on,
sis and i decided to get another one with NANO tech .
it is Panasonic EH-NA30

I must say that,
NANO  is the best ever!!
i really works SO WELL !!

rate 5/5 on this
selling price : rm239 (we got at rm199 because there was a promotion going on that time by Aeon jusco)

**however, sis moved out from house and she brought this along with her ! **
i have no choice then have to hunt for another one .

bought this at last after few days without NANO hair tech dryer T^T
(just few days after sis brought the hair dryer with her i could feel that my hair is dying ...)

rate : 3/5 on this
price : rm91
(get at LAZADA will be cheaper sometimes plus it send to door step! )
click here 

this is IONIC hair tech NOT nano !
anyhow, it still works better than normal hair dryer that we used to know .

adjustable speed and temperature (1 is cold air flow, 2 and three are hot with diff speed)

foldable handle ! (it is so small after folding!)
easy storage, easy to pack in luggage for vacation
 (just in case the hotel doesn't provide this)

SKIP all those CRAPS ,
how it works on me ?!
*made an experiment on myself , here are the results *
you're welcome

*indoor light without any adjustment of color*
took by mobile phone

u could tell easily from the pics,
the right hand side one looks so fizzy.
the left hand side just smooth !!
 *with flash light*
use the lowest speed with cold air flow to cool down the hair to get a better result =)

no flash
sorry for pale face and super old home wear haha!
*just let me be the lazy cat in house kay ! *

lazy cat with half fizzy and half smooth hair lol !

hope my hair can pass through this super awkward medium length faster,
it is killing!!

get a NANO hair dryer is it is under ur budget, or else get an IONIC one.
they work better !
*yea i am still super love my sis's nano hair dryer * lol
best ever.

thanks for reading

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