12072013 useless late OOTDs

the title seems very insincere hahahah!
was thinking to blog about the last fashion lingerie event 
by Salute,Wacoal @ pavillion couple weeks ago
BUT then i realized most of my pic were failed. aiks.

getting bored with assignment so let me gulp some fresh air here hehe ! 
showing off new in sneaker wedge shoes
there are so many isabel marrant inspired pieces out there recently and i was trying to get something different so YEA ! i got this hehe !
bt Xti 

closed up.

super love the Pink & Purple highlight which lighted up the beige color =)
easily go with girlish outfit in pink and cool tone color !~ *big love*
what made me even more happy is.... my size was last pair and i bought it at last minute !
otherwise it wont be with me now hehehe !!
one more.
it made my legs look thinner OHMAIGOD !
i swear i am not using wide angle camera here. just iphone main camera !
amazing huh !
thanks to the invisible heel, i am 10cm taller than usual hahahaha
*shhh... this is my secret to gain height in a minute lol! * 

monochrome (B&W) with a touch of chili red .
vintage polka dots to wrap up the look .
this is actually trying out new top haha!
super love the cut out details.
(seems like summer we can only wear something forever not fully covered up)
cropped top, cut out waist, cut in, high cut hahahah! 

casual with a lil sporty look *ignore the toes kay*
tied the jacket around the waist was the thing i did in primary school but apparently it is back.
sorry if i didn't make it well

wore something short after the HAZE ! 
this cropped top is my fav item recently because it is so easy going and super comfy!
loving the bright yellow color and burnt out printing ~

got a bit k-pop  anot lol lol lol !
simple girlish flowery one piece dress.
one piece is always the BEST whenever out of idea what-to-wear !
*agree anot ?! *

tanned legs lol !
fav jeans from h&m
it makes the legs look slimmer thinner and longer hahahaha!!
summore is high waisted one and with sparkling rhinestone on it !

this pose look weird but looking happy haha! 

a late evening date with sis .
pastel mint color skirt from cotton on only rm15 so worth! 

no caption pic haha ! so not me !

being naked face recently due to the horrible skin breaks out.
idk what is this pic means to be.

gotta drag my mind back to the books...
trying hard to get through all of these. ain't easy .

august is coming soon and i am having quite a lots of thinking swinging in mind

there are too much of conflicts
that is what life means to be
take it, face it


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