30072013 Korean buddy -PART 1 !

annyeong ! finally get some time to edit photos and post them up here haha!
*july is going to an end! * so fast huh!
JULY is really a superb busy month for me.
1) Korean buddy program
2) first formal presentation
3) debate

three of them are very strange to me as i never involve in anyone of them before!!
super EXCITED !

okay, let's start fast! 
 (i am worrying that i might forget parts of memory lol)

taddaa! meet my buddy -Heejeong for the first time ! 
she is so pretty and i am envy to the max !

there is a must we are first meet and will be a lil hesitate but somehow i think we are doing great!
i am really faithful that ....awww! i have the chance to know new korean friend! AWESOME! 
*let's improve our english talking together! wink*

had a quick lunch at Levain boulangerie patisserie @Jalan delima !
because it is quite near with our school and the environment there just NICE!

 ITATAKIMASU (japanese lol )
too bad we just have 1 hour lunch time !
 heejeong, sojin and danbi =) ! 
they are so cute !!
this is a combination post actually which have to merge all in this because there are more coming up !!

second outting - LONGEST night market
(Taman Caunnought night market) 

*didnt manage to take much picture because it was pretty hot and sweat and crowded !
tadaa the only one !

they love local fruits so much!
photo caption : trying out duku langsat !
comment : TASTY

they are all Mango Fans hahaha! and Mangoesteen !
heejeong told they eventually made mango eating party in room hahaaha!
and this is what my buddy and i got !
"buddy bracelet " hahaha!
okay 1st memorable item get !  

that was the first time i drove all the way from my house to tmn caunnought! superb duper hyper dangerous one lol ! haha they might get shocked by my driving skill *i am sorry >< *

the one i am expecting MOST !
KIMBAP making session !
(because i love eating so much hahaha! )

material and ingredients !
cucumber, pickle, sticky rice, seaweed , tuna , mayo , sesame, soy sauce ..etc ! 
(sorta like japanese sushi but in korean version ! we called KIMBAP! )

i love it ! so much! tasty~~ *yumyum*

busy me. nahh i did work on it too kay ?! haha

meet ma coursemate Kelly aka kecik miao !

 OCY sharon  & Rich sun .

 the master of cutting KIMBAP , ms sooyeon !
*salute to her skill ! *

  pretty unnie ~

best kimbap evaluation .

 superb pretty right ?! 
 and this is our team's master piece haha! 
the ribbon was done by me lol lol lol
our team just done them and eat without thinking and much and then...PLAY !

yours truly, heejeong and hyobin !
and coursemate Choco Choco ! hahaha!

okay..that's all for today ~
tmr gotta update for bukit bintang and sunway pyramid hahaha!
*yeap all shopping! *


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