korean buddy - Part 2!

안녕 !!

 tadaa! my first learnt hangul hehe! 

i am so sad when writing this blog entry...because...
korean buddies are going to leave on this coming Sunday T^T 
*time flies* ! 
i remember how we met at the first time! 
that was fulled of hesitation ! hahaha !

however, i must make this blog post faster ! 
(tell me, how can girls resist from SHOPPING!! ^~^)

 brunch .十号胡同 @lot10
*not surprise that how 十号胡同 is now in Shanghai too! combination of great local foods in one , great idea ! proud of it ! *
 pic grabbed from my buddy
foods at 十号胡同 (except KFC lol)

surprisingly, they love WANTAN mee the most hahahaha !
and gave a great compliment about Hokkien mee !

girls in SASA !
~~P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E ~~
we almost trapped in lot10's SASA !
(info : sasa is just one level up from 十号胡同 )

H&M is everyone's darling ! i told right right right right ?!
sojin & heejeong

when sg.wang hunt for cheap stuff hahaha!
shoes is their MUST go shop!

sg.wang 6th floor ! 

act like being in HONG KONG lol =.=

mosaic because looking so freaking ugly !!

shopping shopping !

we spent whole day in bukit bintang hahahaha!
the first time, shop until shops are going to close~ !
however, i still think that we didn't fully explore the shopping street.

SEPHORA ,Starhill , Jln Alor wong ah wah, lowyat plaza and more !
i wan to go again hahahaha!
just suck my money all away !
*surrender* hahaha!


since they went KLCC , mid valley ...i decided that...
we should give Sunway pyramid a visit !
personally think that sunway's building is really incredible !

 had quick brunch @ 7-11 haha!
don't you think that try out every country's instant noodle is very important?!
*at least i think so . hahaha! *
and they said Malaysia's instant noodle are very tasty too!

wuukay ...i admit that we are all woke up late !

Epic fail : 
we went sunway by LRT+BUS.
as they never try malaysia's bus yet haha!
then......yea...we got lost because the driver though we are going to mid valley instead of sunway pyramid ! *sigh* 
shoes shop again hahahah! 

 low angle to get super dramatic long legs. hahaha! 

Hui Lau San !
they are BIG BIG mango fans!
*i think sunway's hui lau san is not as tasty at one utama one T.T *

capture before eat!
universal rule ! hahahaha !

very hot chic style -hong !
i love her style very much...
very cool !
but she is very cute ! especially her laugh hahahaha!

shy Dasul !~
super light and soft speaking tone !~~
 very elegant girl! and tall...T.T
*envy max*

and yours truly  8.8

they just totally addicted with mango hahaha!
maybe we should go for second time mango hunting lol lol lol !

shopping freak !!

yes yes yes ! grab our sunglasses , get prepare for tomorrow Melacca trip woohooo!!

topshop hahahaha!

Papa john pizza as Dinner.
we all were like dinosaur .
craved till die dinosaur.
ordered set for 8 people but we ate all.
*proud face* 

 most of them we actually just eat without thinking much. way too hungry !!

i love this group picture very much because i might tell this is the most memorable one lol
we went in wrong coach which going to be out of service.
and then get kicked off by the officer lol lol lol!
i thought we are going to trap in that for forever

but luckily we got off from that ! hahaha!

sincere apologize to them, maybe i am still not qualify to be malaysian hahaha!
never clear about public transport lol lol lol ! paiseh!

done part 2 !
actually there are still o lot of them but i am getting lazy to take pic lol ..
because my camera broke =(
super sad....

never mind, still ..
looking forward for tomorrow Melacca food hunting trip !
blazing sun, you better CHILL .

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  1. I hope I can learn hangul too!!
    is it hard to learn??
    your Korea friend is cute :)

    1. personally speaking, i think hangul is hard T.T
      yes they are superbbbb cute i swear ~~and very pretty !haha

      nice to meet you <3 ! love your style.
      keep going and expecting on you oh yay~~