Popin ! Cookin !おえかきグミランド ♥

WELL , as the title ,
POPIN !  COOKIN ! here!

before that, let me tell you what is that Popin! cookin!

Popin’ Cookin! is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit. Believe it or not, Japanese scientists really have figured out how to mix powder with water to create ultra-realistic looking gummi sushi. This very affordable, and jaw-dropping, product is safe and fun for children and adults of all ages.
All the products in this brilliantly designed intellectual education candy series allow you and your friends to mold and create realistic looking edible sweets.

lolx...lines of words is uselss ! (i know it i know it ..blek ~.~  )


this is what i bought.
for doing DONUT ^^


japan's food fair
in front of 'the coffee bean'


****i saw it on web before, they selling rm40+... lolx. ****

***i have only a pair of hand, it is really hard to capture it by myself  ***
sorry :(

open open ! (exciting exciting....)
drum rolls....

drum rolls~

cut it off!
exciting at max~


packs of powder ~ 

cut the 'CUP 'out .
this is the cup for measuring water in whole making process~

so do the MOULD .

okie okie...
seriously, start it now ^^
put water into the tool given .
4 cups of water.

put the powder into water~

stir it.

last, it will become like this ^^
donut's dough
original flavour.

so do the choco flavour dough

it looks like SH*T ...@#$2

put it into the mould^^

and then pull it out ~

wakaka!~~ how cute of these~~

NOW, we got dough.
how about decoration?

1 cup of water.

for doing icing~

put the powder inside.
whitey whitey~

creamy creamy ^^

deco deco is love!

strawberry flavour icing!
spot the strawberry inside! no joke :)

a cup of water~
for make the choco jam!

choc powder inside.

stir ... and it become...
choco sauce ^^

put it into the 'bag' given

cut a lil hole,and start deco ur donut!




tadaa! outcome!

had a lot of fun when playing this TOY TOY^^<3

it is FUN!
the taste..

a lil bit weird..


done a shoot for brother last deepavali :)
one of the pic

shirt by Nondezcript production & BeatNation .
Glad to have the chance to meet them.

u can get it from  nondezcript production  / beatnation
*****29th& 30th come and get yours with discount and voucher! *****

love beat box?
love beatnation

love popping ?
love nondezcript .

love BLING ?
love Bling-concept!!!

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