hello holiday!

finally last ADD.MATH paper gone.

freaking sad. i dont know how to do the ADD MATH paper.
it was freakiiinnnggg  hard!
(okie...it is my problem..i m too weak in add.math ..sad case )

just get my ipad back today (send it to my kaigor to format it..)

I HAVE NO IDEA at all .
i never used mac product before (although my friendssss is using MAC.)

i feel strange on them.
moving some pic folder from my lappie to ipad..

but i found that, i just can  move 1 folder onto it.
WAT is going on ?!

just tell me how to cope this.

it drive me mad.

*** that's y i dont like to change my lappie, h.phone ...etc in MAC.

i cant suit myself into new things .

HELP ...  > 0<

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